Score Prediction thread: Georgia on My Mind edition

Cam Little at the gun…17-14 Hogs!

Arkansas is playing better than anyone I’ve seen this year.

Hogs 23
Dogs 21


Hogs first Road game. We well have to see how they handle it.
UGA defense is awesome.

UA 10
UGA 24

Ga 24-13 Ga Defense just too good to give up much,KJ will have to Pass a Lot this week I think

I don’t think Georgia’s offense will score a lot against our defense but the same applies to our offense. This one will be about turnovers, special teams and defense.

Dogs 17
Hogs 14.

Hope I’m wrong.

I think UGA comes out early and goes up 17-3 at half. We then come out with a fire in the second half, score 2 tds and another 2 field goals. And we limit them to a field goal in the second half. We pull the upset.

23-20 Hogs.

I really love these Hogs, no matter what the outcome! If I pick them to win and it doesn’t happen, I’ll be devastated. If I pick them to lose and they win, I’ll be overjoyed! So, let’s say after a very close first half, UGa wins 31-17. Store better have a nice black angus choice ribeye available and one of my better red wines better still be good (after the power outage from the hurricane) if my Hogs win this one!

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If the hogs have a defensive performance for this game like they did last season on the hill against the Bulldogs they will win!
I believe the hogs will be able to run the ball and be successful over the middle passing. The down field passing game better be spot on!
Hogs 24
Dogs 10

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The hogs did very well against UGA for 3 quarters last year. I was very happy with the effort. Most people, including me, expected us to get embarrassed. We are a much better team this year than last year. UGA might or might not be better than last year.

We can’t win this game if we’re getting false starts. Must play clean and in front of the chains. Jawja has a fantastic D. Head says they win by 2 TD’s but heart says we pull out an upset.

Smart decides he’s not going to let Burks beat him, by any means necessary. Can the other Hog skill players step up? Almost, but not quite. Georgia 27-17.

Hogs are going to win this… 23 -17.

We are playing Georgia in their very large, very loud stadium. Their crowd will be rabid, BUT it’s a 12:00/11:00 game; early game crowds are just not as electric as a game under the lights when the crowd has been drinking all day.

I’m vacillating between “omgomgomgomg” and—“wait a minute, this is basically the same team we took to the wire last year.”

We won’t get any calls our way and their stadium’s worth three points.

IF KJ and Treylon are good to go and don’t get banged up in the game, we’ve got a pretty good shot at these guys.

Arkansas 24
Georgia 20

(And yes, our defense IS that good.)


Bubble bursts for one week. Georgia rested and getting players back, first team rested after first quarter against vandy. Hogs a little sore and beat up. Hard to have max effort 2 games in a row

Georgia 35
Hogs 16

Special teams miscue and a wore out defense cost the hogs last season.
This season our defense is much better and our special teams have improved.
The depth will enable our hogs to maintain their legs late in the 4th quarter. The players believe they can win! That’s as important as anything.


UGA 23, UA 13 in a FG laden defensive affair. Probably one of those where the Hogs are in it until late and UGA knows they just played a contender.

Well, since I bet both the spread and the money line today,

Hogs. 24-21

By the way, a little irritated with Oaklawn. The lowest money line in the last 2 days was Hogs +700. Oaklawn was at +600. I still bet it, but let them know I wasn’t happy. At least I did get +18.5 on the spread.

Arkansas is going to need all the breaks to pull this one off, Georgia looks that good. We need either a special teams TD or a pick 6, probably both. Our offensive line has to compete to a draw against a very talented defense. Hopefully Briles can scheme up something to use their tendencies against them. The defense will have to give their best performance, I hope we have the depth to hang. I love the Hawgs, but it’s the Dog’s. Would love to be wrong though.

The point was that it could go either way.