Score Prediction thread: Georgia on My Mind edition

Heart says, Arkansas takes advantage of some early Bulldog miscues and hangs on for dear life: 17-14. Head says, well, I won’t repeat it on a family board …

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Our outstanding kicker hits a 51 yd. FG as time expires to beat Ga. 28-27

Arkansas 27
Georgia 24

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Not to nit pick, but for our HOGS to get to 28 points, with game winning field goal, will require a bit of “ciphering’!! LOL

UGA is good. Very good. We are better than we have been in years, but still not nearly as good as UGA. The game is at UGA.

Dogs 38
Hogs 17

Here is hoping I am so so wrong!


The Hogs defense is gonna shine like no other time before and after a tight game Hogs get a late turnover kick the game winning FG with time running out Hogs win in a shocker!!!
Hogs - 10
Dawgs - 7

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Score will be
GA 35
AR 10

Low scoring defensive battle… GA 17 AR 13

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Miss an extra point and kick five field goals…

We force a safety

I’m afraid to pick us this week. We’re something like an 18 or 19 point underdog, so I wouldn’t hesitate at all to take us against the spread, but I’m afraid it’ll be something like 28-14 UGA.

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If we can keep Georgia less than 21 points think we have a chance to win. Ga only scored 10 on a not so great Clemson team. Think we can hold them to 20. The key is can we score more than 20 points. With KJ improving each week and passing like a seasoned veteran, Burks, Morris and the 4 headed RB monster we are creating think we have a real shot at this.

I am a homer and while living in Georgia surrounded by the Dawg nation I have to go with Arkansas to win.

This year is 1998 all over again and this time we don’t stumble and fumble at the end.

AR 24
Ga 20


Ga 23

Ark. 12

If at home—-coin flip—

Final score, 28-24.

Arkansas can win this game. They must be at their best in all areas.

We must avoid turnovers and penalties. We must be sure tacklers and special teams must be solid in all phases. The game plan and play calling must not be timid or too conservative.

The defense must make the Georgia QB uncomfortable and our QB has to make the proper options in the RPO . This team has to be resilient and not make bad plays consecutively.

This will be our most difficult game so far. We will need to avoid turnovers and can’t let Georgia’s loud home crowd intimidate us.

Georgia has most of the advantages. They should be favored to win. However, the point spread is ridiculously big. That should be be taken as just another insult to the Razorback Football team. Sam Pittman will have the team ready to play. Briles and Odum will have good game plans. The Hogs will play well.

If Georgia is not ready to play, they will fall to the Hogs.

Arkansas. 27
Georgia. 21

Errors galore in this one.

Hogs 502
Dawgs 0

Uga runs out the gateway howling in distress.


Wanna assign a team to each of those scores?

20-10 Hogs

Georgia will be a really difficult game for the Razorbacks. I think the Hogs will play hard and tough but come up short to the dogs. GA wins 31-17.

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In past big games where both UGA and the Hogs were nationally ranked, Arkansas has done pretty well–e.g., 1969 Sugar Bowl, 1976 Cotton Bowl (showing my age here, lol). I’m going with history–instead of Montgomery to Dicus, now it’s Jefferson to Burks–but the score is the same: Hogs 16, Dogs 2.