Score Prediction thread: FAMU

Is it too soon to start this?

It’s an easy win with lots of guys getting playing time. Defense has some good moments, but not enough to make fans stop worrying. We still won’t know who the No. 2 QB is.

Arkansas 52, FAMU 13.

There is no performance we can put up against FAMU that would make our fans stop worrying. Having said that, I think we run the ball at will and score a lot of points. I would say 56 to 10

Rattlers 3

AA tosses 4 TD’s (with one to Koilan and one to La’Michael), the Dee scores one, and ST’s set up another!
BAD part, we’re 1 of 2 on FG’s…dang!

Arkansas 42, FAMU 35

We still don’t have defense

I’m hoping it is a warm up for our defense and at the end of the day that’s the story aggressive defense.
This game will not affect the way our season goes.
AA will shine and I hope we see Both back up QB’s get time under center.
Hogs 49
Floods A&M 0

If we get a SHUT OUT, this is going to be an AWESOME season!!! Give the Rattlers a break, I think they get 3 vs our “mop up Dee”…

Hahaha. Gimme a break.

Hogs 59

Snakes 8

I think I picked 59-7 in the magazine. They’ve lost by an average of 51.2 points per game in their matchups against Power 5 opponents over the course of the last decade. Some of those were good teams, but Vegas hasn’t even bothered to set a line for this so far. Their offense and run defense were horrible last year, even by FCS standards.

In a perfect world…

  1. No injuries.
  2. No hits on Austin, he plays the first half and maybe the first drive of the third, then gives way to Cole and Ty, who each get to attempt at least 6-8 passes.
  3. Chase Hayden gets double-digit carries or close to it to get his feet wet for the first real game against TCU.
  4. Jeremy Patton plays enough and well enough to ensure he’s firmly in the short rotation at TE. His athleticism could be huge.
  5. Someone pops at kick returner and establishes themselves as the man there.
  6. The defense generates a lot of pressure without showing much/anything.
  7. Young guys on defense like Grant Morgan, Dee Walker and the freshmen CBs get good reps.

Hogs 62

Total domination from start to finish.