Score Prediction thread (early edition): Arkansas vs. Missouri

Who knows? Everyone’s expecting a track meet (I call it basketball on grass), so, with the way things have gone, it’ll probably bee a 10-7 nail-biter.

I just think Bielema, whatever his faults, knows how to get teams ready to play late in the season. And, Arkansas has better players, so Arkansas should win. Then again, Florida beat LSU and Vandy clobbered Ole Miss Saturday. What do I know?

Arkansas 41, Missouri 24.

Our defense is terrible and their offense can put up numbers…

If dry weather:
Arkansas 62 Missouri 52
If nasty weather:
Arkansas 31 Missouri 27

We are likely to have control of the game and Mizzou surges on our defense late in the game.

Hawgs: 55
Mizzou: 31

You beat me to it. I was thinking something along those very lines. Just to be a little different, I’ll say:

Hogs 52,
MU 35

Hogs 61-60

Hogs 56
Tiggers 31

Rawleigh Williams rushes for over 200 yards again!!

Early forecast: Partly cloudy, clearing in the afternoon, high around 50, winds WNW at 11, no chance of rain. Overnight low 33 so it’s likely to be getting chilly after the sun goes down some time around halftime…

The sun goes down at 4:49, so it will be getting dark in the 4th quarter.

42-21 us.

Seems like it was dark by halftime up there two years ago…

I didn’t remember it that way, Jeff. But if it was cloudy (and I really don’t remember) it could have been dark that early. I do remember that we could not see once we got onto the concourse. There were NO LIGHTS back there and you really couldn’t see where you were going.

That concourse was horrible. Probably still is. They’re planning a redo of the south end supposedly, but it hasn’t happened yet. Which is one reason I went with better seats. I’m funnin’ a little about being dark at halftime, but it will be dark pretty darn quick.

Mizzou LB Eric Beisel: Arkansas shouldn’t bother showing up. … r-showing/

57-45 -Hogs and its a shame that our defense has come to this…

Hogs win again, 41 to 31

I think we will have so many chunk plays that I don’t think time of possession will be a big tool to slow Mizzou down and limit their possessions. That is a concern in my mind with our porous defense. Their Qb is not a zone read spread QB which is a big plus.

Mizzou would be a game that RS could channel some Joe Lee Dunn to throw a crazy junk defense at them. Joe Lee could come up with something different for each game. He was amazing.

As impressive as Mizzou’s offense was last week at Knoxville, I just don’t see us giving up that many yards or points this Friday. Especially with Crockett sidelined.
On the flip side, I think Mizzou’s defense will get to Austin Allen a few times, but not enough to make a difference. Hogs will pile up the points with RW III, Whaley, Sprinkle, Hatcher and Morgan crossing the goal line.

How about Hogs 3, MO 2?

I expect an Arkansas win

Hope it’s by 21 at least

Get ready for the Music City Bowl game

Win the Music City bowl

Win the bowl game and look out

2017 will be special for Arkansas

To everyone’s surprise, the defense finally exhibits signs of showing up, and the offense keeps rolling. Hogs 48 - Border Rivals (?) 17.