Score Prediction thread: Colorado State vs. Arkansas

Don’t have a clue. Hopeful that Starkel will do well enough to keep the defense off the field for at least half the game. If that happens, Arkansas wins 24-13.

I think we’ll win this game. I don’t think CSU is as good as OM. I also think Starkel will give us a better chance than Hicks. Finally, I think we’ll have an advantage playing at home. Have no idea of the score, but I’ll say 31-21 just because it’s as good a guess as anything else.

My guess: AR 21 CSU 7.

i think colorado state will score on us. question, even with starkel at qb what can we score. offensive has been a disaster last year and this year so far under morris and craddock. bobo is a better offensive coach than either of our guys. i have lost faith in our offense. we struggled against an fbs opponent, got manhandled by a lousy ole miss team. until they prove me wrong.

maybe this will change our luck.

colorado state 31
arkansas 30

Hogs 34
Rams 28

44-17 Pigs

I have watched video on Colorado State. They are not a bad team and I think their QB gave us fits last year. If Starkel has a good day, this is my pick.

Ark. 24
CS. 17

I think we will win, Score immaterial if we play well.

Hogs win 21 - 17, don’t expect offense to become a juggernaut in a week. WPS

I was watching the last weekend of the 2018 season and saw a 10-1 utah st. go to 11-1 by holding off col. st 28-24. …just food for thought…hogs 28-20…

I picked North Texas to beat us last year and was confident about it.

I’m equally confident that Colorado State wins this game.


Hope like Hell I get to eat some crow.

Hogs play well and win 31-21. WPS!!!

Hogs 34 - 14

It is amazing what a real SEC caliber QB can do for a team

Ark. 38
CS. 24

77 to 13 Arkansas. Yeah, I said it.

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CSU covers

Expect both our offense and defense to be improved. That said, don’t expect the offense to score a whole lot of points or a defensive shutout. I’ll go with Hogs 24-CS 21.

I predict we will duck hook three kickoffs and punt three times straight up the elevator shaft. none the less Hogs 38-20

Colorado State scored over 30 points in each of their first two games. Can we hold them to that? Can we score more? I think so. Hogs 34-27.

I think we score 40. Not sure about CS, maybe 21