Score Prediction thread Born to be Wild edition: Missouri State vs. Arkansas

I can’t imagine we won’t have at least a minor let down after opening the season with two competent opponents. I also know that, no matter what you think of Bobby Petrino as a person, you have to acknowledge his ability as a coach. His team will be ready and will have a good game plan. That said, this is not Appalachian State, with 24 Power 5 transfers on the roster (or whatever it was). I expect Mo. State to compete hard. I think the physicality will be too much for them to keep it close much past the first quarter. I hope we get a big lead and give Malik Hornsby a ton of reps at QB while KJ coaches from the sidelines in the second half.

Arkansas 48, Mo. State 21

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Born to be Wild, nice touch!

I don’t usually do predictions, but I’ll play.
Hogs 44 SMS 21

Hogs 42
Peter Fonda 24


Hogs. 45

Bobby Bears. 17

I hope there are more neck braces being worn in the student section than points scored and the
Hogs get a blowout win. Hornsby takes all the reps in the second half.

51- 20 hogs.

48-24 Hogs

Hogs 52 - Hog Driver 17

48-14 Hogs.

In addition to the talent gap, Odom can go toe to toe with Bobby on game planning.

Fighting KJs 42

BMFP 31. dude can coach, you know he’ll have solid qb and WR play. and we’ve had a tough couple weeks. should be a fun game. I expect lots of neck braces and volleyballs. the 6pm start should really help the festivities.


49-17, Arkansas. I think the Razorbacks will run for as many yards as they want.

Andrew Joseph and I have been making 2 predictions apiece this season in the final minutes before kickoff. We’ve got a pretty good hit percentage so far. I’ll be thinking on those in the next couple days.

Hogs 45
Missouri St 21

It’s a damn good thing that none of the 3 Stooges are coaching us or we would have a hugely ugly loss.

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I think it will be close for the first five minutes of the game.

UA 56
MSU 10

I worry about Bobby’s offense. I guarantee you it will good. Our depth should be the difference, but I suspect it will be fairly close. All I want is a win.

Running game will run wild… setting up some long passes
UA 42
MS 21

We need to dominate time of possession. We should be able to dominate with our OL and running game. Keep a BP team’s offense on the sideline.

Ark 45
MOSt 24

49-19 I didn’t want to copy @ScottieBordelon! :sunglasses:

Main concern is zero injuries.

Hogs win 56-24. We need to win time of possession unless we score quickly and often.