Score Prediction thread: Boot Scootin' edition: LSU at Arkansas

Is it basketball season yet?

Hoping for a let down from LSU after it’s big win. But not expecting it.

LSU 31, Arkansas 28

This game has nasty written all over it. Hogs are pissed; LSU is smelling blood in the SEC West’s waters.

I don’t think there is as much scoring in this one as we might think.

Hogs: 20
LSU: 17

In overtime.


Tigers 42
Hogs 24

It will be a beat down IMO. LSUs team and program is going in a good direction but we are going the other way. I hate thinking this way, but it’s what I see with my own eyes.

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LSU 52
Ark 13

Man, I would love to see an upset, but I don’t think we see a win here.

LSU- 42
Hogs- 24

Cannot count how many times Hogs have pulled off a shocking upset in this situation. And against teams better than this LSU team.

Hogs will have to play up to their potential for 60 minutes. I expect LSU to play well. But Hogs will be playing out of their minds.

Key as some have observed will be jumping on LSU early on a cold morning, like they did A&M.

Hogs 28-17

Why do you think they are pi$$ed? They showed no passion whatsoever until it was too late. And the blown assignments all over the field! I’m 64 and could probably score against our secondary. Pitiful

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If they aren’t pissed, we’ve got bigger problems than losing to Liberty.


BTW, IMO we are going to get our butts beat by LSU

Tigers score early and often. Hogs struggle to make first downs, let alone score points.
Tigers 41
Hogs 13

Guess I’ve gone full pessimism mode. Tired of hoping and getting my feelings hurt

Well with Slusher not playing, the secondary is even worse. LSU 49.- Hogs 20

Too many injuries, not enough depth or talent. Tigers-35, Hawgs-14.

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LSU has gotten much better since the start of the year. We learned Saturday that we can’t have any let ups against even mediocre teams, much less very good ones. With KJ banged up & Slusher out, I’ll say LSU by 15 points.

LSU 42
Hogs 27

Well there are posters in this thread that should be making a lot of money on Saturday since LSU opened as just a 3.5 point favorite and it has stayed in the 3 to 3.5 point range.

I’m not taking the bait, Larry. I’m staying away from it.

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I vote with emotion, not betting lines :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, my pick represents my demoralized condition from losing to freaking Liberty. My choice has no basis in facts or logic, and I am OK with it. I am a (Fan)atic, after all.

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Agree. Arkansas, at this time, is not a football team that anyone should want to bet. In the last few games they are a Jeckyl and Hyde team. I just find it strange that Vegas and their bettors look much more favorably toward the Razorbacks in this game than staunch Hog fans.


Corndogs never get thawed.

Hogs 36
LSwho 24


48-10 not us.