Score Prediction thread, Better Late Than Never edition, Arkansas vs. Mizzou

My glass is still half full. Talent is about equal, considering. But we win on coaching. Arkansas 31, Mizzou 23.

These teams are pretty even, I think. I will go with Missouri at home and because they have owned us the past several years. I don’t like them and hate those butt ugly black and yellow uniforms.

Arkansas 31
Missouri 35

I’m afraid to predict, but if we’re full strength, or nearly so, I like our chances. I’ll say we win 35-28. Shouldn’t be much of a home field advantage for MU. We badly need to win this game so the year will be well above all expectations.

49-14 Arkansas


37-20 Arkansas wins!

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Hogs. 38

Tigers 14

Odom is ready. Franks is on target.

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Boy, I don’t know. I started a whole thread yesterday thinking about this. I think their O & Dlines are a little better and playing well. We really need this one, but until I see us stop their run game to get off the field and likewise, I see us block somebody to open up the run game a little I will have to go with MO.

AR - 24 (can we make a FG?)
MO - 35

Arkansas surprises at the line of scrimmage and the crafty vet Franks makes fewer mistakes than the rising star Bazelak, leading to . . .

Arkansas 31, Mizzou 27.

If we have all our starters back we have a chance, but I just don’t feel good about this one. We lose a heartbreaker 31-28.

This new attitude AR team don’t like losing and know they let a couple games get away from them they should have won in spite of the refs.
CSP has said recently we are getting back to full health and numbers.

AR - 30
Mizzu - 21

Vegas says:
Missouri 27
Arkansas 24

Recent history and the weather forecast leads me to agree,

38 - 31 Hogs win, we have proven we can hang with about anyone when we’re healthy. We need our defense to score for us plus we are due to get a win over Mizzou and now is as good of a time as any. This years team has been fun to watch for a change, we had some chances for more wins but the warm breath coming through a refs whistle has set us back when the opponent could not. Proud of this team and coaching staff for a great job this season ! WPS

I see this as a low scoring game as neither offense has been able to score a lot of points in the vast majority of their games this season.
I will go with Arkansas 24, Missouri 17.
I rarely make a prediction on the games because they usually make me look foolish. Based on that, the score will likely be something like 45 to 41 in who knows favor!!!

Ark 25
Miz 24

The Hogs squeak by another surprising SEC team…

I’m rummaging around in my mind figuring out how we get to 25.

Razorbacks 31 and Tigers 28. GHG!

Ark 31
Mizz 13

Time to put it all together with a solid win. Defensive line comes to life with everyone rested and ready to play. Coach Odom has a little extra incentive in this one.

When Missouri joined the SEC I thought we would beat them most of the time. They had never impressed me much in football. Boy was I wrong.

Missouri 38
Hogs 24

Hope I am wrong

Mizzou 34-21 Run game will be hard for us to stop and their defense playing much better than ours, hope I’m wrong.

Oh ye of little faith. Healthy Hogs handily.