Score Prediction Thread, Bermuda Triangle edition: Arkansas at Auburn

Hogs 48 AU 24

Arkansas, 34-24

Hogs 31
Tigers 30

Hopefully our two weeks of rest and prep are better than their two weeks. We need to come out smokin’. Hogs 34-31…

Hogs 31
Tigers 28
CSP has a score to settle here.

The BYU game showed what we’re capable of with a healthy offense. Hopefully the offense and defense are healthy this week and we limit mistakes/turnovers.

UA 38
AU 21

59 - 13

Any less in scoring equates to turnover or punt on our possessions.

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Hogs 38, Auburn 27

Hogs thrive on offensive balance

40-28 Arkansas wins!!!

Not sure how this nonexistent defense holds down any SEC team to under 40 to 50. Perhaps we can out score them by 1 or 2 pts.

Hopefully the defense realizes they can get off the field without letting them score but have yet to see that

I think we need to sell out to stop what Aubie does best right now, which is running the football. Of course, this puts more pressure on our porous secondary, but I think this is the way to roll the dice as Aubie has had the worst passing offense in the SEC W.

Another track meet …
Ark 37
AU 33

Arkansas 31
Auburn 24

This is a very big game. Our season may ride on this one.

“They used to call me Jhawg”

I’m very tempted to pick Auburn. We seem to be snake bit with them and at their place. But I think we have the overall better team–that doesn’t always equate to a win, tho.

I think people pointing out their lack of a run defense is a bit overblown–will probably be better after the bye. Still think we can move the ball well on them, but keep the offense balanced like it has been. We definitely have the way better QB, which I think will be the biggest deciding factor in the game, altho Ashford’s running ability worries me a bit. I think we counter that with Pooh Paul in on third downs–and the more we see of him the better with Bumper ailing.

I think it is critical to have Slusher back healthy for a full game–and with everyone back healthy I think we start seeing the secondary start turning things around. Not that their passing game is good, but they might try attacking what they see as our weakness and get their QB some confidence but I expect us to have a better showing. The main problem will be stopping their run game…

Arkansas 44-38

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40-28 Arkansas wins!!!

Kudo’s to tennhawg who wins the closest to the final score award.

Got me by 2 points! Lol I had 42-28

As I was scrolling through I thought you had it… :rofl:

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