Score Prediction Thread, Bermuda Triangle edition: Arkansas at Auburn

Arkansas is a better team that Auburn in a lot of ways, but really strange things happen when we play there. Non-functioning elevators, phantom touchdowns, fumbles that aren’t fumbles and the other way around. Maybe we’ll have some good karma this week. Hogs 31, Tiggers 28.

Hogs 42
Tigers 12.
Auburn kicks 4 field goals.

Arkansas 31

Auburn 20

I think we win by double digits. 35-24.

Hogs 55
Aubarn 17

Hogs 45
Plainsmen/eaglets/tiggers 24

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Hogs 38
Auburn 28

Must keep the out of reach of the refs. Hawgs-24, Kittens-21.

Hogs. 38

Aubrun. 28

All bets off if Curles is working this game.

Gotta play clean. Don’t give Curles a chance to screw us again.

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Hogs. 42
Tiggers 24

Just run the ball down their throat

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Hogs 35-27

Curles was fired as a ref. He still officiates, but with reduced authority.

42-28 hogs

I thought we were a vastly better team than TAMU, both before and after our game. Yet, we figured out ways to lose…

I think we are a better team than Aubie, but we have the same conference record and we’re playing at their place.

I have no idea or confidence in how we’ll play.

If he’s on the field, Curles will still find a way to screw us. Can we get Fred Talley one more game of eligibility?

Arkansas 34
Auburn/refs/replay officials 26

Hogs 29 - Aubie 24
We survive 2 bungled replays. Time runs out before a 3rd replay attempt.

I don’t even want him in the stadium when we are playing a game Marty!


Hogs 27-17

Defense gets back on track this week. Tigers win the first half, but Hogs fight back to win the game.

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Hogs 31 - Auburn 24, they will be fired up or Harsin might be fired. Need this one badly! WPS