Score Prediction thread, Belts n' Boots edition: Arkansas v. Florida

Bad matchup for us on the o-line, just like A&M. The Florida offense is a lot scarier. I think we’ll score points. Just not enough. Florida 45, Arkansas 34.

UF leads 17-7 at halftime, pulls away to a 44-17 win after our defense wears down in the second half.

Again…no disgrace at all for this developing program to lose on the road to a top 10 team. The CSP SUV is still trucking and gaining momentum. These are just some necessary “growing pains”.

Florida thinks they can throw it on us like they did GA. We intercept Trask twice—once for 6. They panic. We are up 21-10 at the half.

Florida starts to realize late in the 3rd quarter that they just need to hand the ball off to beat us, but’s too little, too late.

We hang on and win 30-28.

We get an over-confident and a bit lackadaisical FL team and the Hogs lead 21-14 at the half. The Gators receive the wrath of Mullen at half time. They come out and score on their first 2 possessions of the 2nd half and take a TD lead. Hogs regroup, especially the D, and tie the game in the 4th qtr at 28-28.

Hogs win 31-28 on a last 2nd field goal. Announcers deem this to be the upset of the year. Hog players declare this win was for Sam and Feleipe!

Argh…way too early in the week for my projection. But, I’d add that the Hogs secondary is much better off now having played A&M and UT. By the way, except for the score, the Aggies blew out Florida. Still, they did score the last 10 points in their game with the Gators.

Since then, our offense is also getting better, while the Gators are making hay against foes who’ve been crippled.

I’m hoping for a hurricane and cancelation. I do not want to play this Gator team yet. at all. give CSP a couple years to recruit. and give us 2 weeks to get ready for LSU.


I went on a hunt for gators several years ago with a trapper friend and he bagged a 10 footer. I discovered two disgusting things that night; the mosquitoes were so big they could stand flat footed and slap a turkey down and gators are slimy and smell like swamp gas. Hogs are clean compared to them. Having this inside information leads me to conclude:
Beautiful Hogs - 28
Dirty Gators - 27

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I can’t get over how good FL looked last week. It is said that was not the same GA defense we played, but it is still full of very good players.
I just do not see us having the talent to match up with this type team yet. No doubt we will get after them though.

FL - 48
AR - 24

FL 38 and AR 24.

I keep wondering to myself if this is 2020 version of what LSU fielded last year with Joe Burrow and that slick offense? If it is, they aren’t going to lose again. That is not for sure. Things change. Availability of players changes every day – because of injuries, Covid and even targeting fouls. I am still convinced that losing Jalen Catalon played a huge role in the A&M loss. I am not pinning the loss on Catalon, just that a bad break can change a game. But, A&M did beat the Gators. I have seen enough to know that something like that can happen again!

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The Hogs put up a good fight, but when you are playing 11 on 20 football, its hard to win.

SEC once again protects the “brand” team to keep the crocs in the playoff hunt.

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My one week streak of picking the Hogs is over.

Arkansas 20
Florida 38

Kyle Trask is a stud, and I think he is just too good.

Trask may be the best QB in college football

Players will be playing hard for Pittman, but it will not be enough unfortunately.

We do keep the points lower than expected for Florida.

FL 31
Ar 24

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Fla 32
Ark 29

Gators thinking Bama
Hogs thinking Gators…
Upset special??

Florida 31
Arkansas 41

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Trask follows the Mond template, and the Hogs slow but can’t stop him.

Florida 42.Arkansas 34.

World’s worst haiku


Gators win 38-24
Too much talent gap between the two rosters. Will Sam Pittman’s missing the trip make a Difference? With this team, who knows. We must create turnovers if we are going to win this game and hope Franksputs on a show for his old team.

Vegas doesn’t like our chances:
Florida: 40
Hogs: 22.5

I say:
Florida: 33
Hogs: 22

Would be nice to have a few positions lasting long minutes to keep the Gator offense on the sidelines. A snap over the punters head, a fumbled kickoff return, two critical holding penalties, an unsportsmanlike penalty on their bench and a blocked field goal among a few of the Gator blunders make it close.