Score prediction thread: Beat Texas edition

Can’t pick this game with my head. Going with my heart: Arkansas’ in a thriller, 27-24.

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Thinking very similar to you.

30-24 Hogs

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Where have I seen that score before? Wait, it’s coming to me

I think we lose this game… hope not but just don’t think we’re there yet. Weak pass rush, a little iffy in the secondary… horrible passing game with weak pass protection.

Hogs 17 Whorns 28

I’ll be there and hope for the best… maybe there will be great improvement and they’ll surprise everyone…

Agree. UT wins 48-14. Ain’t gonna be pretty. Desperately hope I’m wrong.

I sure hope we were vanilla against Rice. I sure hope KJ shakes off the rust. Nothing in the Rice game gave me confidence.

Arkansas 27
Texas 21

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If I double the infamous 15-14 score, Hogs 30-28…

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Horny Texas shows up in Fayetteville but can’t get up for the game. Serious case of ED (Eric & Dorian knock em limp). Horns go home seeing and feeling blue. 42mg - 11mg Hogs.

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I Cialis what you did there. Like the way you think. Hope it happens.

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79 repeat. Hogs 17-14. Kevin Scanlon circles the field giving the downward horn sign with KJ Jefferson. Why not?


31-28 Hogs

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Love my Hogs, but just don’t see an upset. (Not so) special teams play, Sarkisian play calling, and a very heavy dose of (Texas RB) Robinson are just too much. Horns 31, Hogs 21.

Sadly Horns 24 and Hogs 20.

Head says: Texass 45, Hogs 13. Heart says: Hogs 34, Texass 17

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24-20 Hogs

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Heart: hogs 31-21
Head: whorns 35-24

I so hope I’m wrong

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Hogs all the way, 30-24.

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As much as I hate to type this…

Horns 31
Hogs 13

Too many offensive mistakes lead to stalled drives and turnovers…which, in turn, leads to some short fields for the Horns. If we had a better passing attack, I’d give us a decent chance.

But we don’t.

Don’t forget…you have to not only double it, but flip it around…or we LOSE 30 to 28…


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Eating rice always leaves me still hungry, but nothing fills me up like a good ol medium rare ribeye. I bet Sam feels the same way…Hogs 31-17. It’s time to turn things around, and the Hogs are gonna give the country a show as we remember those we lost on 9/11. Go Hogs!