Score Prediction thread: Auburn at Arkansas

Last week the glass was half-full and I picked Arkansas to win. This week, the glass is bone dry.

Auburn 59, Arkansas 13.

As many as they want and if we score it will depends on when third string enters the game.

38-10 Auburn

At this point I believe predicting scores is a ridiculous exercise and serves no useful purpose.

Go Hogs!

I doubt if they pour it on as they might want to use back ups to give them game experience.
I suspect the gme will be over by halftime.

48-3. Congrats Gus

Auburn 57 - Hogs 13, Gus seems to like CCM so he may call the dogs off before they score 57. If we can hold Auburn to less than 27 points I will call that a victory for our defense, if our #1 & #2 QBs finish game injury free I’ll feel better about our O-line, we need something to be encouraged about. WPS

Aub 43
Ark 8

Suggestion from a fan: simplify the game plan

Gus runs it up. Aub-62, Ark-10.

Gus coming off a bad loss to FL. He’s dropped out of the top 10. Needs to mud-stomp teams like us to stop from dropping further in the rankings. Our only ray of hope that it won’t be a total beat down is he might have been preparing for the LSU game this week.

72-3 Our D gives up 550 yards rushing.

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Totally agree with ropedhog

27 in which quarter?

They are rested and ready. Not sure we can score 23, but 3 fg and defensive TD help on this one.

Aub 45
Ark 23

name the score. the way kentucky ran outside on us, auburn will use for sure. their offense is no juggernaut, however their defense is. will we finally do something unusual to try and win a game or are we still in the offense teaching mode. 5 wideouts maybe. spread the field. no confidence in our offensive staff to be innovative to try and win a game. defense, well a one dimensional qb beat us. auburn has both rushing and passing. gus has no mercy and will run up the score.

Auburn 48
Arkansas 13

Each ! WPS

Cheaters 77, Hogs 3. worst loss in program history. Gus pores it on the whole 4 quarters.

And I’ll be there yelling the whole time, still love my hogs!


Auburn is not an impressive offensive football team. . I think we play pretty well for a quarter or two at home. We have better playmakers than Auburn, but they are way more talented in the other areas, including the coaching staff.

Auburn 45
Arkansas 24

Auburn, a lot
Arkansas, a little

Auburn all they want!
Hogs who knows!
It won’t be pretty but I would like to see the hogs compete and play hard.

a lot of these predictions are exactly the same as the A&M game… mine included. Hope we’re wrong again and it’s actually close but… don’t think so.

Gus Bus - 48
Hoglettes - 17