Score Prediction thread: Arkansas vs. Texas A&M

Given the way Arkansas’ defense played last week, I believe there’s a realistic chance of winning this game (I would not have said so a week ago).

A big game from Rakeem Boyd (he was an Aggie once, but has made a full recovery), no turnovers and better special teams play, I think we can squeak by, 31-28.

Something tells me this game will be alot more closer that everyone thinks… The way they played last week I was very proud of them ( STILL NOT SURE ON THE SCORE :smiley: ) Clean up special teams and we win

Tam 27 -13 our offense just not ready to score enough pts to win against a very good defense that makes you 1 dimentional nobody has ran the ball on them at all

We have never had a season in which we are so badly outgunned at QB as compared to the competition.

Texas A&M 34
Arkansas 13

I just don’t see Arkansas having the offense to keep pace with A&M.

Texas A&M, 31-14. It’ll be one of the few Southwest Classics in recent years to not come down to a single play in the fourth quarter or overtime.

A&M 38
Hogs 14

Our defense did look good against Auburn but I think a mobile QB is going to give us fits. Still don’t think we have enough offense to stay with them. And special teams are not good.

ATM 38
Ark 12

ATM 31
Hogs 10

A&M 56

Too much speed

Aggies 49
Hogs. 3

Maybe by the end of the season we could play with those guys as they usually get worse as the season goes and we should be better by then. They do have an new Coach in town and not sure he will help them that much, but they did look good against Clemson for the most part.

Never know with this series as it seems to always be tight well into the 4th quarter.

Their defense is not that great against the pass, so maybe Ty lights them up some. Maybe Jones finally catches one in bounds for a change.

TAM 30 Ark 17

It would take a small miracle for us to win, but we have seen a few miracles along the way.

TA&M is a 20 point favorite so if we have a good day, that is about what the final score will be. It is not impossible for Arkansas to win, but the odds are like 1 in 9.

Against all odds, this one is close. Hogs play their best game of the season and appear to be headed for the upset. A costly turnover, terrible call from the officials and inexplicable mental mistake allow the Aggies to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. That was then, this is now. Aggies cruise to an easy 35-14 win.

38-13, them.

Our defense scores twice.

Arkansas 30
A and am 27

Hogs 24
Aggies 20

Aggies will win & probably by 3 TD’s, but I admit I’m encouraged by our game last week. Hard to imagine that after getting beat 34-3, but I am.

I just want to see improvement from week to week. I hope to get past Bama without getting killed. After that, I hope we can pull out some wins. I now think Ole Miss is winnable. Perhaps a couple of others.

There is no joy in Fayetteville. Sadly, the Aggies pull away in the second half, 30-13.

I always believe—31-24 hogs