Score Prediction Thread: Arkansas vs. Texas A&M 2019

It could get ugly. Then again, it’s a revenge game for Starkel.

Today, I’m thinking the former. Aggies 42, Hogs 17.

Always the optimist Arkansas 38 A&M 37

A&M 30 Arkansas 14

No comment…

don’t stand a chance but will cover spread which i saw at 22

aggies 38
hogs 17

aTm 35 AR 21, Aggies score late to put the game away

If my life depended on me winning this bet, I’d give the 23 points and take A&M. I’d probably give any number up to 30.

The only thing I see that works in the favor of the Hogs covering is the 11:00 AM start. That might prevent a fired up A&M and home crowd from dropping a quick 21 on us.

I will be really happy to be wrong. Well, unless it actually costs me my life.:cold_sweat:

A$M 32


Please stop playing this game @ the Death Star…

Very down today.

Hogs - Very few
A$M - As many as they want

Aggie band trounces Marching Razorbacks at halftime. Freshman trumpet player(my son Luke) has outstanding performance. This is the only part of Saturday that I am looking forward to.

Reality bites hard – Aggies 52, Hogs 14. A&M quarterback has a career day throwing for 425 yards and 5 touchdowns. Snarkel has a better day and only throws 3 picks – all in the red zone.

We’ll lose but I actually expect a much better game from our guiys. Might be interesting.

Aggies 45 Hogs 13. Hogs score the last 13 with the third string JSJ. I will be catching crappie at Stockton Lake in a creek arm with my phone disabled. Too old to torture myself with another debacle.

Aggies 42 - Hogs 10, this is getting old ! WPS

My youngest was a trumpet player for the RMB as a Freshman. He didn’t continue after that year, it just got too hard to schedule his classes with band practice. I think his mother and I were much more disappointed with him not doing it anymore than he was. That was five years ago. He did get to go to the Texas Bowl when we beat Texas.

They held Clemson to 24 points

Mond is a machine

TAM 31
AR. 21

Aggies 62-34. What makes anyone think our defense can stop a team like the Aggies? I do think the offense will show signs of life. Kind of like in the Bama game last year. But it’ll be a beatdown unless the defense does something.

Actually, this might be our best chance to win a SEC game. Starkel and Boyd will be ready to play and I would be surprised if both didn’t have a big game. Having Burks back in the lineup will help a lot. Between Burks, Knox, O’Grady, and Woods, we will score some points. Boyd will play well.

I also want to believe that the team knows that they had a horrible game and that the team effort will have to be great. We need a good start because we need some success. If we have a bad start, the game will probably get bad quick.

I don’t think that it is impossible to win Saturday. Unlikely, but we should never lost to SJS.

Arkansas. 28
Texas A&M 38

Aggies 51 - Hogs 17… sorry for my optimism.

52-10 and i am not a killjoy. Team with a plan playing a team with no identity on either side of the ball and poor fundamentals. Hope like heck we are within two scores in the 4th quarter.