Score Prediction thread: Arkansas vs. Mississippi State

I’m clueless about what to think. Gladiators one week, gladiolas the next.
As usual, I will choose to embrace the bright side, while knowing the dark side could be waiting close by.

Arkansas has better players than MSU. I also believe we have better coaches. If we play clean and with few mistakes, I don’t see how we can’t win. Yes, running quarterbacks have given us fits. But this guy isn’t in the same league with the players we’ve seen.

Mississippi State gets the cowbells going early because its senior day and they still have a bowl game to play for. The tide will be turing by halftime and we win going away, 38-24.

Or not.

So far ---- our players have responded every time to what could have been a spirit crushing loss. But I think they knew they were beaten by more talented teams in LSU and Bama. Sometimes that is not so crushing. We are the more talented team this week, and we do well in the games when we have equal or better talent. Arkansas 28 -17 to end the 4 game losing streak to MSST. Sosa and Whaley with big games. Will seem easier after last week’s competition — and yes, left Auburn out of the analysis because still haven’t got a good grip on that game.

Me going negative didn’t help last week. This week I’ll pump a little sunshine into this dark world and say…

Hogs 42
Miss Steak 28

Finally got around to signing up and posting after migrating from the political board ( or bored). Anyway, this year they don’t block the kick, not that it will matter. Hawgs 31 - Dawgs 24.

Never fear, loudlloyd, the Arkansas coaches on defense will find enough ways to get their players to line up wrong, or take the wrong angles, or miss tackles, or or, you get the message: find a way to lose.

Team is very up and down… 42-38 -Bulldogs

You forgot “setting the edge.” We won’t do that either on a few big plays too.

Bielema is winless vs. Mississippi State, but that ends on Saturday.

Hogs 31
Dogs 24


this feels like an exercise in futility.

My cup of kool-aid runneth over.

Hogs: 47
Cow Bells: 24

Hogs 31
Dogs 21

Msu 34. Hawgs. 31

I can’t see either team’s defense having much success stopping the other’s offense in this one. Who has the ball last? Hopefully, it’s the Hogs.

Hogs win 31 to 24

MSU 37-17