Score Prediction Thread: Arkansas at Missouri

I see that we’re 22.5 point dogs in this game. I admit I thought we’d get more respect than that, but I can’t sit here & say I’d take the hogs & the points.

MU 48
UA 24

We get to Locke we have a opportunity, if he ends the day with a clean uniform it will be ugly to say the least. 48 - 21 if Locke stays upright. Barn burner if we get him dirty. WPS

I am not sure I care that much about the score. I will be interested in seeing if the team responds with a tough Razorback spirit this week. Will they wienie out the season or will they play like real Razorbacks. That’s the soap opera I want to see.

The score is not as important to me as the way we play. Do we hit hard and make Missouri wish they had never seen us come to town? I am concerned that Coach Morris can’t motivate these guys. We haven’t given much of an effort this year, in my view. Not just at MSU last week…that was certainly pathetic, but all year. I have been to every home game this year in Fayetteville, and not once have I seen this team fired up. When they run out of the A, they just run…nobody is yelling, jumping or doing anything. It has been really disappointing.

Arkansas 17
Missouri 45

You made a statement that is very telling “Do we hit hard” a good team never has that question come up. How long does it take one of the top defensive coordinators to see to it that a player hits hard every time every game. Our players get punished with hard hits and we are always have a ton of players injured and we play soft to the point of being embarrassing at times. I’m speaking of our softness as a team we do have a few who will hit and play aggressively but they are far and few between in my opinion. WPS

Interesting… I thought they played hard against A&M, Auburn, Ole Miss Tulsa, Alabama, and LSU.

I think you should look at the last game again and pay attention to how Pulley played. He was burned in pass coverage and failed to make an effort to tackle on the outside on run plays. The most horrible effort he has shown as a razorback. Him sitting out has no bearing
On this game. Cameron Curl got burned once but played with more effort and made some plays.
The younger guys need to lay and gain experience. Blow up the roster and start over.

A whole bunch to not near enough for us.

63-21. Some have said the players suspended aren’t that good and I agree. But, there is a reason they were starting. They were the best of the worst and Odom has proven he will put as many points on the board as he can. He was in real trouble after the KY. game. But, winning the last three surely has taken him off the hot seat. Only good news is their defense gives up points.