Score Prediction Thread: Arkansas at Missouri

This could be really ugly.

Mizzou 49, Arkansas 6.

55-14 Missouri

Program deconstruction complete

Purge & rebuild can commence

63 - 3

I’ll let you guess which team

What difference does it make? Bench the ones CCM believes is a negative to the culture they are trying to build and play freshmen. The score won’t be any worse than we’ve already seen & we might even get surprised a little.

For the sake of the thread…

35-31 Arkansas

I don’t think we will win, but after listening to Morris, I expect some fight and a close game like you’re predicting, I may flip the scores

I almost always go with the idea that we can win till the other team proves me wrong/right. I know our chances aren’t good, but any given day any team can be beaten.

Who cares.

Just play the young guys and tell everyone else they have an open door to leave.

Frankly it could be between terrible and just plain bad, burt I do feel the Hogs will play better but still lose.

So, 41-10 we lose

We went to Missouri two years ago with Bielema as HC and well we all now how that ended. We lost the big lead and it just snowballed from there to where we are today. The Belk Bowl lead, other leads, etc… I am thinking we go to Missouri this week and this all comes to an end. Maybe we even get a W. Missouri’s D is not that good either. I expect some points to be put up. But if we don’t get the W, maybe we can let this be the end of this crap and go into the offseason and build build build. Or maybe we get the W. I doubt it , but who knows!

63 - 7 Tigers. Game will be over by the end of the first quarter.

The outcome of this game was loaded by the players in Starkville. Play the young guys and give a bunch of pink slips. House cleaning time. We will find out who wants to be a razorback this week!
As for the score it doesn’t matter anymore.

Two things could happen. We could man up for a change or we could completely throw in the towel. 2 secondary players out for antics deemed unacceptable against one of the best passing qbs in the league. Offense has been nonexistent for vast majority of this year.

I think we play better but won’t matter, Missouri owns us lately as have most of the sec. thankfully this year is over.

Arkansas 24
Missouri 48

That’s how I see it, too. If we throw in the towel (or have already thrown it in), it could be very ugly. However, if the MSU game was embarrassing enough that the team wants to show some pride, we might make it a competitive game. I don’t expect to win, but stranger things have happened. Regardless, I want to see some fight from the team.

63-10. Taylor Powell plays most of the second half against his hometown team.

Tigers 18

Porkers 12

Ark puts up a hell of a fight for the outgoing seniors…

Locke pads his NFL creds. Mizzou 49-21. On to next year…

Score predictions for this final game are of no consequence, ranging from some fans predicting a narrow victory for the Hogs to some predicting a complete hammering at the right arm of Drew Lock.
While it would be nice to see a much better effort and some heart shown by this team than what they showed last weekend against MSU, I don’t believe any objective person could truly think that the outcome of this last game will be any different than 9 games that have ended in losses this season.
I think best approach the coaching staff can take into this game is to get the young guys plenty of game experience while playing the upperclassmen that have played hard all season while sending the message to the rest of those that nothing but your best effort and total commitment to the program while acceptable moving forward.
For any of those that can’t make that commitment it will be a clear signal that they need to move on during the off season and not return for fall practice.
Sure, we will loose quite a number of players, but this is what it will take for this coaching staff to start the total roster turnover in both talent and attitude to get the program straightened out and headed into the right direction.

Go Hogs!

With the two DB’s suspended for this game, Missouri can score as many points as they want to. This will really be about who steps onto the field and really wants to play for the Razorbacks. We are not going to win the game but we will see who really wants to be there.

OGrady gets 2 or more TD’s, maybe someone else gets one to.
But MU gets at least 5-6 TD’s .
Do the math.