Score Prediction Thread: Arkansas at Mississippi State

Another game like last week. Defense will do all right, tire late. Offense will struggle against a superior opponent. Fitzgerald will make sure it’s not as close a call as LSU.

Dogs 31, Hogs, 13.

Hawgs 24
Dawgs. 18

That’s why they play them…

Their defense is as good or better than LSU’s. i just don’t see us scoring much on them. Their offense is about the same as LSU’s but with a power running quarterback that give us fits. It’s all about loading up to stop the run and hoping he has a pitiful game throwing the ball.

MSU 23

What the hell, I’ll predict this one for the hogs. It’s my heart talking, not my head, but I’ll say:

Hogs 28
Dogs 24

21-10 Bad guys

Miss St - 23
AR - 18

MSU 28
Hogs 10


State has a terrible offense…the worst in the SEC, but they have a stout defense. They should beat us, but it won’t be easy.

Cow College 24
Arkansas 17

Miss St 34

Arkansas 14

Hail St 25
Ark 18

Another tough loss—
next year a different story…

State 31, Hogs 17.

Fitzgerald gets loose a couple of times. State’s defense gives them a short field a couple of times.

Limpert comes through.

Hogs 16
Dogs 14

31-13 their defense way to good for our offense

Arkansas 52

Yeah, I said it.

I fear that Vegas has it about right. MSU 34 Hogs 14…

State 24
Hogs 10

Hogs 24
MS ST 23

Mr Limpert with game winner from 49 yards out…

Surely if you keep knocking and pushing on the door, it will open before seasons end.

I predict pain

I hope you right but I’m wondering what your drinking.
Hogs 17
Mooo U 10