Score Prediction Thread: Arkansas at LSU

The line is 46, so …
LSU 56, Arkansas 13.

56-10. LSU pulls the starters mid 3rd qtr, per Orgeron’s comments on Tua’s injury.

Orgeron fails the written test for his driver’s license and can’t drive himself to the game. Nevertheless, he arrives at halftime by bus to lead LSU to a 2nd half comeback win.

LSU 55
Arkansas 17

LSU. as many as they want

U of A. Not near enough.

The line is probably real close. The wild card is, after Tus’s injury, how long does Burrow play? If LSU wants to, it can put half a hundred on us by halftime.

That’s my prediction, too.


Limpert kicks 5 field goals and they score at will in second half. Razorbacks play hard and stay competitive for 2.0 quarters before the dam breaks. Boyd goes over 120 yards and 1 td.

LSU -45
Ark - 22

LSU can name the score. Everyone getting excited about how Ole Miss moved the ball on them , remember they were coming off a big win against Bama. Plus Ole Miss has Rodriguez, we got Cradfock, and Chief has no clue nor answers. Orgeron however will have mercy

LSU 63
ARK. 20

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Meant to say Craddock but the edit button doesn’t work on iPhone today.

63 - 17

This sounds about right

LSU wins big…Captain Obvious

But I predict that the kids respond to Lunney and show much improved effort and heart.

LSU - As much as they want - I say 62

Hogs - Not very much - I say 10


LSU 63
Arkansas 14

I agree with Greg:

LSU will score a lot

AR will not

I’d like to see Arkansas dog pile every play on offense and defense, so the refs would have a hard time resetting the ball in less than 20 seconds. 52- 10 LSU

Hogs shock the world-- lose by only 24 using the four corner offense. 48- 24

Arkansas 38
LSU 37

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KJ runs for an amazing 214 yards, as the Chavis defense of old rears it’s devastating head shutting LSU out of the end zone with only 2 field goals for the game. Final score: Hogs 31, LSU 6. Game so exciting that I delay going to the restroom, though I blame the wet drawers on a spilled beer (not a lie, as it is actually “spilled” processed beer).

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