Score Prediction thread: Arkansas at Kentucky

This week, the glass is half full: Hogs’ offense keeps clicking.
Arkansas 38, Kentucky 24.

Arkansas 24 KY 21

Hogs 17-14

Defense still struggles and offensive line will not be able to hold thier blocks or create holes for rb’s. Kentucky at home will give them a boost. Cats 32, Hogs 17.

I don’t think UK’s defense is near as good as the Aggie’s but… I don’t think we’ll be as motivated and it’s on the road. Our defense is a crap shoot so you never know what you’re going to get.

I think we prevail… barely

Hogs 31
Cats 28

I don’t see it until they show they are going to play 4 qtrs. of solid football. Oline will not show up as per usual and the defense cannot handle their Oline (heck, it could not handle the bottom of The Mountain West).

AR - 24
KY - 45

They have qb problems. Their offensive line was supposedly their strength going into the year. Their secondary was replacing a bunch so that was supposedly their weakness. Was not impressed watching their last game at all. That being said they are a 7 point favorite. I think we cover.

But until they prove me wrong

Cats 31

Still very little to believe in. Won’t predict an SEC win until we win one.

Low scoring. 10-9 Arkansas

I’d be stunned if one of these teams does not get at least 3 TDs

I said 17-14 above. I’m like General, I just don’t see a high scoring game.

I have no idea. On one hand, I think we’ve got to get over the hump sometime, KY isn’t that good, & we’ve shown improvement. On the other hand, we haven’t shown we can win an SEC game in nearly two seasons. (Ole Miss in 2017 was the last one.)

I’ll go out on a limb & let my Razorback colored glasses skew things for me & predict Ark 32, UK 28.

Hogs 28-Cats 24

I have no idea at all, but I have fond memories of this score.


KY gets sloppy… Hogs 27 - Jelly - 21.

Ky 17 - Hogs 14, these words come to my mind “ we’re close” . WPS

Hogs. 31

KY. 14

Ark 23
Ky 22

Bummer–can’t storm the field…

Not sure this team is ready to win an away game in the sec at night

But Kentucky has QB issues and we are due a breakthrough game

AR 20
KY 17

47 yard Field goal with less than a minute to go seals the win

Kentucky 31

Arkansas 20

I just don’t have confidence in Coach Morris to have the Hogs ready to play. They were ready to play against A+M, but that was not the norm for us the past 17 games. I think this is our last real chance to win an SEC game this year. I hope I am wrong, but:

Kentucky 24
Arkansas 17