Score Prediction Thread: Arkansas at Auburn

Maybe I’m delusional, but I’m just not buying stock in Auburn. I think they’ve been overrated all year, despite the close call with Clemson. It’s revealing that the two games since Gus has handed off play-calling duties were against ULM and Mississippi State (of course they ran up big numbers). Auburn’s defense is good, but so is our offense. I like our chances, not only to cover the inexplicably big line, but win the game.

Hogs, 31, Auburn 24.

I’m with you Loud, how in the heck Auburn is a 9 point favorite is very odd. We have beaten TCU and Ole Miss and they have beaten a downtrodden LSU team with a controversial finish. We are a much more balanced offense than Auburn while their defense is better. We have a playmaker at quarterback and they don’t. I see this game as a tossup even at Auburn.

This is the game of the coaches who have no fashion sense. Bielema with that polyester tent he wears and Gus with the 1945 sweater vest taken from the trophy case at Auburn.

I dislike Auburn, but not as much as Ole Miss. Arkansas 27 Auburn 24.

It is on the road and that is definitely a factor, but I tend to agree.

The Alabama game was tough to watch, but the offense impressed me then and I think our offensive line will just get better every game. I think the best chance to beat us has passed; evidenced by the performance of Arkansas in the 2nd half of seasons under Beliema. I think our defense is going to start playing better and our offensive line will look good this week. I also think Enos is getting a feel for what type of game plan to call with his chess pieces.

My hope this is a week that we continue to sneak in more blitz schemes. Why not blitz if the big plays are coming against your standard defensive pressure. For what I’m seeing the blitz risk is worth it as our safeties improve and looked to be successful in Ole Miss game.

38-30, good guys

34-17 Hogs. We administer a crushing defeat that puts the Gus Bus squarely in the ditch. You can’t have a productive NHHU with a QB that can’t run.

I’m just not sold on Auburn’s offense this year. Sure, they have a good defense, but not as good as A&M or Alabama and we moved the ball and scored on both those teams. And, if they rely on their run game, they are playing into our strength on defense. I just don’t see Auburn scoring 24 points and I don’t think we score less than 30. Still, home stadium, night game, never know what team is going to show up for either team.

-AU is giddy because they have been winning convincingly against…ULM and Misstake.
-Can AA survive the cheap shots by AU defenders trying to take him out?
-AU will probably play Franklin III at QB a lot to add the running QB angle, and it will probably hurt us at times.
-AU will have the High School offense cranked up with a bunch of trick plays. It depends on how well some of them work since it is in Auburn. We could lose if they are lucky on many of the trick plays.
-Will Eugene hold up at LB?
-Will we try to disrupt the zone read hand off? Agim is capable.
-With our offense chewing up clock, we just need 2-3 defensive stops keep us in the game. The variables are turnovers, can we beat AU’s Defensive strength in redzone scoring and 3rd down conversions and special teams.
-AU has a tough defense and it is mostly the front 4 that is good. The front 4 are big and quick but not freakish fast like A&M, Bama and OM.

I think we have a day of big plays in the passing game along with Sprinkle and Cornelius behind the LB’s to back them out of run and blitz.
41-24 Hogs

Hogs win
34 to 31

42-34 Hogs… I believe we will be just the better team, and I expect some big plays from Watley

If we can hold them under 30 pts then we should win, we were able to put up 30 on Bama and I don’t think Auburns defense is on that level yet. Last week we proved we can score on the ground and in the air for the first time this year against Sec competition and I see no reason we can’t keep that trend up. Hogs 31 - Auburn 24. WPS

I think we win because I am expecting another leap in improvement from our Oline this week. Our Oline was deeply impacted by 3 new players and 1 that had NEVER played Oline before. Our Oline had turmoil for the first 4 games of new starters and shifting positions. Everyone has found their position and been locked in for a couple of weeks so we have finally started to jell. We have a very delayed start to the jelling process so I expect the next few weeks to show continued improvement at the level you would normally see in the FIRST 3 games of the season.

IF we can run the ball, we can chew up the clock and keep the ball away from AU. All we need is the defense to provide 2-3 punts, and we are in a position to win. We have seen the HUNH Spread numerous times but this is the FIRST time AU has gone against a PRO style offense.

This one is going to be a tough game. SEC road games always are. I do beleive Auburns defense is better than Ole Miss. Their offense is not. We have the advantage at QB & WR. I think this weekend we go as our offensive line goes.

I’m not sure we can get to 30 points. If we do, we win for sure.

Hogs 38
All-Barn 22

They score late and go for 2 to make it a 2 score game… too little too late!!!

Hogs 27
Awburn 24

Hawgs: 42
Eagles: 27

I don’t buy what they’re selling. You can fact check me on this, but their QB has only thrown 6 TD’s all season. I understand they don’t rely on throwing the ball, but can an offense expect to win most games without tossing the ball around? Their defense is improved, but I don’t think it is elite level like their fans think it is. Arkansas’ middle name is dynamic. Both offense and defense seems to be able to adapt at this point. I think we roll in this one.