Score Prediction thread: Arkansas at Alabama

With Tua out, we might cover. Alabama 41, Arkansas 7.

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Alabama: a whole lot
Arkansas: little to nothing

I agree, Alabama 40-7

I started say it would be hard to predict a score when we don’t know which one of our Qb’s will be starting and then I realized it probably doesn’t matter. Not trying to be bashing any of our players we just have not developed and matured enough as football skills go to play against some of the best players in college. I give our guys credit for not quitting when it would be the easiest thing to do right now. Bama 42 - Hogs 10. WPS

Our chances go up from 0% to 1% with Tua out. Remember Kentucky schooled Chavis with a wideout playing qb. That being said Bama’s defense is good but not dominant. Question is, can we score when we get in red zone. We moved the ball on them last year.


Arkansas 56
Alabama 3

Saban meets Morris at the end of the 3rd Q and begs him to stop.

The fans leave in droves at halftime and Saban is fired at the end of the game.

Arkansas 10
Alabama 59

The Tide defense will likely score a couple of TDs

Alabama 49
Arkansas 13

A score with a familiar ring: 52-0

Bama 49, Hogs 10

I’m going with Longtimehog! but I will say he get fired in the middle of the fourth qu.

sabans may not be the coach that gets fired.

My magic 8 ball says:

Arkansas 31
Alabama 30

Win on a last second field goal by Limpert from 38 yards away.

Yeah, I said it!

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You need a new eight ball

My DeLorean time machine confirms my 8 ball is correct.


Saban empties the bench early. Tide still can’t be slowed down. Tide-52, Hogs-3. Calls for coaching change grow louder.

club dub is boarded up…,tide 52 hogs 17

Bama - shockingly low
AR - shockingly less

Bama 58
Ark. 8

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