Score Prediction Thread, Aggies gonna Aggie edition: Arkansas vs. Texas A&M

Rose-colored glasses prediction: Despite the win over Miami, Aggies are still in trouble. Arkansas gets better in the back end with Myles Slusher back. Hogs won a tight one, 20-17.

More realistic prediction: A&M has so much talent. They remember getting manhandled last year and have fixed their defense from the App State debacle. Aggies win a close one, 20-17

With 5 seconds to go, it’s 0-0 with the Aggies first and 10 on their own 2 yard line. At that time, a drunk as cooter brown Jerry Jones gets up and falls against the plexiglass in his box. Jimbo turns around and says “what’s that grunt”. Aggie coaches hear “lets punt”. A stunned Max Johnson backs up to his end line only for the center to snap the ball over his head. Hogs win 2-0.

At the press conference, Jimbo says “I said grunt not punt”. All the Aggie coaches say “well, we’re all just grunts around here”.

A grinning, glassy eyed Jerruh says “I called that grunt brother”.

Sam says “Put Blind Boy Grunt on that dam jukebox”.


Hawgs - 27
Gaggies - 17

Hogs 23 - AtMs 20

Cam Little field goal in OT wins it 27-24

Heart says:

Hogs 31
Aggies 21

Head says:

Aggies 27
Hogs 21

They have more talent, I don’t think that is debatable. We have a better coach, IMO.

Better Johnnys and Joes beat better X’s and O’s usually.

I wish I had a good feel for this game but I don’t. Could go either way. I guess that’s being a master of the obvious.

Hogs win 24-17

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I think it will be a close game. Hard for me to think we can beat them two years in a row especially with a possible game day in Fayetteville on the horizon. Hogs prove me wrong. Win 31-24

Hogs 27-20

They have a very athletic group will be the hardest defensive line to stay in front of…Briles will have have to come up with a great game plan to move the ball consistently against them.

Arkansas 23
Them. 20

Ark rallies from behind…

UA 29

Gonna be interesting to see aTm’s sluggish offense against our beaten up secondary.
Plus KJ & crew against the best defense we faced yet.

17-13 HOGs

Better QB, better Coach and smarter fans= Hogs 27 Team for Sale 24

Hogs 31 Aggies 10

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31-30 Hogs win on late FG

Small sample size (3 games), but analytics of scoring averages suggest Aggies win 24-23.

I’ll go with Hogs, 30-24. We get an extra TD somehow.

Hogs 27 - Aggies 20, our secondary shows up and shows out due to pressure on Qb from start to finish. We bend but don’t break! WPS