Score Prediction Thread: 2021 SWC Championship Game edition

Against Texas, I listened to my heart and not my head. Doing the same thing this week.
Arkansas wins in a close, low-scoring battle, 17-13.

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It’s our time to shine.


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I’m tired of losing my annual bet with an A&M graduate friend every year for the past several years. Hogs upset the Aggies 27-24 this year. GHG!

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I was present at the last victory over the Aggies and I’ll be there for this one. Hogs, 30-21.

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I really have no idea, but I’m really sick of losing to them, and this coach-this team-seem to have a bit of magic about them.

Hogs 31-30, we stuff a 2 point conversion to end the game.


Hogs win 20-17 in OT #1. Only fitting this goes to OT.
We make a 37 yard FG in OT and then they turn the ball over in OT.

Lots of great defensive plays for both teams.

Last week, most on here got it rather close. The game this week is a different animal as is the team we are playing.

It would be smart to wait until we know more about our Oline players that are out, but then I have never been accused of being very smart and these are for fun anyway.

I think the Hogs will hang with the Aggies pretty good. I think both defenses are better than the offenses. I am also pretty sure that our Oline is not good enough to push A&M around which means the run game must have help from the pass. I think that is where the difference will come.

Hogs 17
A&M 28

27-17. Hogs finally get it done in Jerry World.

Hogs win “comfortably”, 28-20

Their QB and O-line are not at a level to challenge for the SEC championship this year. Their defense is good, but with all of the options we have in our offensive arsenal, this should be the year we finally break through. Arkansas 27 - Texas A&M 20
By the end of the year, the Aggie fans will be questioning the return on investment of their head coach and wondering what lies ahead when UT and OU make this conference even tougher.

Heart says: Hogs 31 Aggies 24. Not going to put in what my head says, just going with my heart.

It feels like an Aggie win, 30-24, with both Wagner and Stromberg are out. I think they are work 10 points, though, and will call a 34-30 win for UA, hoping that they play.

I think this is the year we end their streak of good luck. I think we’re the better team, although I’m worried if Stromberg & Wagner are out. But I’m a homer so I’ll say

Ark 31
A&M 24

With Stromberg and Wagner out, it will be a tough game.

Aggies 28

4 and 0 is the number that will be important come Saturday night…

Aggie QB gets knocked out of game on a scramble - Hogs intercept backup 3x to defeat A$M 31-18!

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A Hog owns this place and we should not be losing to these games like we have been. Wewill take what is ours- 29-24 Hogs

Hogs 23-17…defense will win this one IMO.

aTm 37 AR 10

Ark 33

The hogs “flip the script’’ …