Score prediction thead: Ole Miss

I have faith! Arkansas makes it three in a row against the Black Bears by forcing Chad Kelley into several bad decisions and once again embarrasses the land shark defense: Hogs 41, Ole Miss 31.

Hogs 42
Black Bears 31

AA passes for over 300 yards and 4 TD’s.

Based on Ole Miss’s history, fall behind by 21 points and skull drag them in the 2nd half.

Hogs 45

Land Sharts 31

30 + 53 = 83/2 = 41
0 + 52 = 52/2 = 26

As good of logic as anyone else uses here.

Hogs 41
O-Piss 26

38-24 Rebels

52-48 us

bears - 49
shoats - 18

They have not been paying like Hogs, except at QB and only deserves to be called such when they do. Hopefully, that happen this week. If not, that 49 may come in the first quater and they will not stop there.

48-42 Hogs! but the defense makes a couple of stops…

42-31. Them

Bears: 45
Hogs: 21

Too much speed.
Too much Kelly.
Too much pressure on Austin.

Hogs 48 - Ole Miss 42 ! WPS

Ole miss is very angry after we knocked them out of the SEC championship
They have a week off to prepare and have pointed to this game for one year.
Our wheels are very wobbly on Defense and we are down a LBr

Will have to play our best game since Coach B has been here to win this one.

OM 42
Ark 31

I never pick against the Hogs. But in this game, I’m afraid Ole Miss will be too much.

I think we have to get an early lead and play flawleslly to have a chance.

I could be wrong, but I think for the first time in last three seasons, all (Clay, Dudley, Bo, Harry King, Matt, Bart Pohlman and Tommy Craft) picked Hogs to lose. Surely, one of them is wrong.

Hogs: 38
Mississippi: 17

#51 lets Allen get sacked only twice this game.

Bama repeat 49-30 them.

Am posting this before looking at anyone else’s score, so my duplicate . . . I don’t have a good sense of who will win this game - mostly that it will be high-scoring.

However, even though I think we do have a decent chance to win, I’m going to have to go with Ole Miss because of some intangibles. They have had an off-week to focus on their gameplan for us, and they are really stinging from the was the last two games have gone down - I think we’ll get their best shot. Meanwhile, some of our units (LB, Safety, OL) HAVE to be questioning themselves right now.

For sure - take the “over” in this one.

Rebels 44 Hogs 32

Ole Piss 38
AR 17


Ole Miss 41-24. Porous on defense. Porous offensive line. We will make a few plays but they will make a good deal more. Austin will be knocked down a lot much like in the first two SEC games. Feel like this game will play out much like those games. They have ELITE receivers all over the field and the best TE in the country, Evan Ingram. They will be running free against our secondary all night.