Score prediction AR vs Rice

I know there are always score prediction threads for football, so gonna try a basketball one:

AR 75 Rice 68

I have no idea but we should win. So, 87-75

Line is Arkansas -18…FYI

Owls some…Hogs more


Rice lost its exhibition game to a Division II program from Texas, albeit a pretty good one.

I think Arkansas playing and beating a Division I team in the preseason helps have the team prepared a little more tonight than you might otherwise see in a season opener.

I think are defense will be ahead of our offense. AR 78 Rice 62

No clue. Arkansas 79. Rice 60

Totally agree. Beating another Division One team should give Hogs a lot of confidence. That is why I am hoping that next year, we play secret scrimmages against P5 teams that other teams seem to be playing prior to exhibition games.

Muss seems to be progressive and embraces new ideas. I hope he embraces secret scrimmages.

Hogs 94 Owls 71. A new Era!!!

Hogs 65-57

Arkansas 75 and Rice 50. Rice scores 25 of the 50 from the FT line.

Let’s see, I will say 91-43 :blush:

Damn gonna have to call you “The Great Kreskin”!! You gonna hold envelopes to your forehead and wear a purple turban too?

BTW for the younger folk… thats from Johnny Carson, what REAL late night talk TV show was, not the politically biased BS you get today. Johnny was funny and he bashed everyone on an equal level. Plus could you imagine Colbert letting some animal come in and crap on him. Not a chance… too much of a weinie! Although I did enjoy Late Late night show with Craig Ferguson. You never knew what he was going to say.

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:grinning: I guessed the scored about 10:00 Tuesday night :grinning:

Hogs 91-43.