Score in overtime was 22-20

We made just enough FTs to win. EOE certainly kept fighting even with some key players fouled out. But it’s a great way to start the SEC schedule and end 2017

We thought the game was over when we went up 11 in OT. And they just started throwing wild 3 pointers up that went in. It made me too nervous. Really good win, we learned a lot about this team today, they never gave up and kept fighting. And we can go on a 10-0 run in just a couple of minutes.

GREAT WIN. We played far from our best game, and Tennessee is very good. And we found a way.

We still shot 54% from the field, which I would not have believed watching the game. Took much better care of the rock in the final 25 minutes. Refs wore out their whistles though; 47 fouls. And I thought they were gonna find a way to screw us on that reviewed inbounds pass. For once the zebras passed up the chance to give the game to the Viles.