Scorched Earth on Mike Leach

I guess this is one way to portal out of a Mike Leach team — read it closely:


He sure ran all over us. MSU’s leading rusher in Starkvegas.

I wish he would tell us how he really feels….

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However true his statement about Leach might be, I think a prospective new coach may look askance at it.


Leach is such a weird dude! Pretty sure it would be absolute nightmare to play for him … SMH

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Craig James is saying I told you so.


I wouldn’t call Leach merely a weird dude. I would say his public actions often are just plain ugly. Clay is right. Craig James is indeed saying I told you so.


Not a good take from either side.

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I guess I’m missing the Craig James reference.

Fill me in.

Craig James claims Leach mistreated his son. Locked him in a closet.

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That would be so much like Leach !! Appreciate it Pav

As I recall, his claims and allegations were shown to be unproven. Sonny boy was painted as a lazy prima donna. Leach was fired and it took a while for him to re establish his creds. Is Craig still a ESPN personality? I bet he doesn’t leave voice-mails on coaches phones anymore either. Just sayin’.


Know nothing about what Craig James did but He’s not the face of a Franchise either in charge of Coaching and hopefully Mentoring young Men.

I think Leach has a Bobby Knight complex, just not the W-L record to get away with it. I wonder how Knight would have fared in the age of the portal.

You know the answer to that, Rags.

Coaches, by and large, are control freaks and they can’t control the portal. So it drives them nuts. Knight was already way out there on the nuts scale.

That episode ended in Leach being fired from Texas Tech for cause. Leach sued for the $$ left on his contract and lost. He still grumbles that Tech owes him several million.

He still grumbles and he did lose his lawsuit and the appeals ended 8-10 years ago. However, a new lawsuit was filed late last year in Lubbock alleging open records law violations. Leach makes enough money coaching that he can continue to pursue “his” claims. Maybe there is a lawyer on the board versed in TX civil law. Here’s an article to confirm the new suit.

BTW, he lost the Liberty Bowl to TT.

Leach was also a lawyer at some point.