Schools with Top 10 teams: Baseball, Basketball, Football

I saw a post on one of the social media that only one school has had teams in the Top 10 in football, baseball, and men’s basketball in 2021–Arkansas. I wouldn’t have stopped there, but can’t recall ranking for all the other sports. I was thinking Hogs were in the Top 10 this year in several of the track and field sports, both men and women; golf, soccer, but I couldn’t recall whether we cracked the top 10 in Women’s basketball, softball, or any others. Quite a year to be a Razorback!

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As I have previously stated in other posts, the UA is experiencing a renaissance. The top 10 rankings remind me of the late 1970s, especially 1977/78 when the top three sports were ranked in the top 10. Our M&W track teams and more or less Baseball team, have kept the Hogs relevant while the other major sports were suffering. Fast forward to today and we have sterling facilities, great coaches and the teams (M&W) are excelling in the SEC (nine conference titles last school year) and nationally. There is tremendous synergy among the coaches, athletes and teams. Nobody wants to be the least performing team at the UA. It’s not just a great year to be a Razorback, I think it shall be a great decade.
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The women were ranked #10 back in week 6, but that was the last week of 2020, the game that knocked them out of the Top 10 was played on 31 Dec, the next poll didn’t come out until Jan 4, so technically they were Top 10 in 2021 as well, pretty sure the women’s track teams were all ranked in the Top 10 at one point, I think one of the men’s teams was as well. Pretty good for a calendar year.


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