School license plates

Just out of curiosity I thought I’d ask the DFA how many Razorback, etc license plates are out there & how we compare to the other schools in the state. I knew we’d lead by quite a bit, but I was surprised it was this many plates & the difference was this large.

U of A 45,017

Arkansas State 5,004

Central Arkansas 1,636

Univ at Little Rock 513

Southern Arkansas 679

Univ of Pine Bluff 2,461

Henderson State 550

Ouachita Baptist 702

Univ at Monticello 671

Ark Tech Univ 826

Hendrix College 583

Univ of the Ozarks 145

Lyons College 211

Harding Univ 396

U of A at Ft. Smith 116

Medical Science 413

School for the Deaf 527

NW Community college 27

Mid south Community college 16

National Park College 40

John Brown Univ 107


I have thought about doing one. Just never have. I know I could look it up, but if you know, what is the extra cost?

It’s only $25/year extra to have a school tag. The extra money goes to the school. To the general scholarship fund, I believe. It’s one of the cheapest most visible contributions you can make to the UA. I urge you to buy one for every vehicle you own.

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North Carolina has them for in-state and out-of-state schools. Most if not all of the ACC, eastern SEC schools – and Michigan? I guess Cary really does stand for Containment Area for Relocated Yankees. Dunno if the money goes to schools or not. There is a form to order one where you just write in the college. I wonder if I wrote in UA if they could do one.

The $25 per plate per year goes into the UA Alumni Scholarship Fund. About 600, maybe more, scholarship applications were received this year. The applications are reviewed by alumni volunteers and selections made. I have been reviewing applications since the program started. GHG!


I have 4 of them, the oldest tag is almost 20 years old, tag, not the car, lol.

I was headed back to Chattanooga on I40 around 2000 driving my TN licensed company car. An Arkansas State Trooper pulled me over for speeding. I had regular TN license plates but had added Razorback stickers to the plate. The Trooper said since I had Razorback stickers on that ugly TN plate he was not giving me a ticket. I shook his hand and said “Go Hogs”


I also have 4. Or I did. Now that my daughters are on their own, they bought their own UA tags. I’ve always been a big fan of those Hog license plates. Good revenue, good PR.


I was an intern for the Arkansas Alumni Association during college.

Each football homecoming week, we’d do a large auction which benefitted the scholarship program. In 2020 & 2021 we did it online due to ongoing concerns with COVID-19.

It was highly entertaining in 2021 gathering around a computer with staff during the final hour to watch bidders battle it out for a Texas “WOO PIG” license plate. I don’t remember the final bid, but I remember leaving knowing that license plate was going to fund some student’s tuition for a year. I helped out with marketing efforts and was proud of how much we raised toward scholarships.


There are a lot of plates in TX with “Razorback” logo and name. I have one on my truck. Not sure of the count though. Not sure of the revenue trail - whether any royalties make their way back to the UofA.

Hog Tags are available in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee.

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I have a Razorback tag on my RV.

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Tried to get “WOO PIG” in Florida but it was taken, along with about every other Hog reference you could think of. Finally got down to RZRBAX-1 was available.

The Mercedes dealer in NWA lost my Razorback tag on a trade a couple of years ago

I haven’t gotten another one, but I do have “vanity” plates on both our cars


This reminds me I should check again with Baton Rouge and see if LA will do a Hog plate for me down here. I had a LA Tech one on old truck for my 1st degree, bc they wouldn’t/couldn’t do the Razorback logo when I moved here in late 90’s. Another interesting tidbit about Louisiana plates…they were made at the prison in Angola for many years per my Dept Motor Vehicles patients.

We have a Hog plate to send money to the alumni association for many years. It’s getting worn out. It’s in first wave of those plates.

But the plate on my truck is a rainbow trout. It is gorgeous. They don’t have that any more. Daughter with a UA degree has a turkey plate. She turkey hunts. Daughter with a NSU degree has just a plain license plate and saves the $25 each year.

I have the Missouri Hogs tags here. I was a rarity when I started years ago but I see lot’s more in St Louis now , Springfield and KC have higher numbers. Part of revenue goes to UA as stated but it does not cover the costs to repair keyed scratch marks after certain Mizzou games.

Wish that there was a Hog plate option in GA. Most of the school plates that I see here, aside from UGA plates are AL, AU and FL. I’ve even seen a Sparty plate. How does MI ST have more fans in the state than AR fans? A head scratcher, for sure.

I guess the ASU folks don’t care about supporting their school, of course when the State funds their athletic program and the Feds help with the regular program, there isn’t much incentive.


Actually think 5K plus is pretty good considering they have a much smaller fan base.