Scholarship question?

why hasn’t the NCAA approve 25 scholarships each for baseball and softball instead of the current levels?i understand that many schools couldn’t support that many for the two sports but it seems that it beats having to divide so few up against so many athletes…or if not the NCAA why not have MLB support colleges in some type of financial aid…just some pondering this morning sorry if im not a genius on some of these matters

The scholarship limitation is awful. I expect we’ll see a change before too long. However, the NIL changes are going to help schools like Arkansas where baseball is so big. Our coaches can honestly tell our kids their NIL will have better value here than at most places. When you pack 11k into the stands, people understand the popularity.


When the NCAA votes on scholarship levels for any sport, it’s not just Arkansas and LSU voting, its also UAPB and Hartford. Schools that probably can’t or don’t give the full 11.7 now (Hartford’s president wants to drop out of Division I altogether even though they made the Dance this year). So they’re not going to vote to make themselves less competitive or cost themselves money. And there are a lot more have-nots than haves.

Which is why there needs to be a Super Division 1

AKA the Power 5


Oh, I understand the reason it hasn’t happened. However, I also think there could be a rearranging of divisions soon. I don’t think the P5 is going to continue being dominated by the others. I can see a P5 or maybe P6 being created.

I’d also assume Title IX could figure into adding scholarships to baseball. And IMO the limits on baseball scholarships could be considered biased against low income people of diverse backgrounds. And while we’re at it adding a paid coach should happen. But because of the reasons listed above it will not happen anytime soon.

If you add scholarships to softball too, it solves the Title IX issues.

The continuing failure to authorize a third assistant in baseball is just ridiculous. The UAPBs of the world don’t have to hire a third coach under this proposal if they don’t want/can’t afford to, but why stop those who can? Some of those have-nots probably aren’t hiring two assistants now.

It occurs to me that the tight scholarship limits in sports like baseball and track pose a civil rights issue. Some legal beagle could make a case that limiting baseball to 11.7 deprives some socioeconomic groups of opportunities, and they might have a leg to stand on. Look at the Golden Spikes semifinalists: 24 white guys and Kumar Rocker, who is the son of a highly paid football coach and certainly isn’t your typical Black athlete.


I agree Jeff.

I think Division I baseball might split into subdivisions one day over the scholarship issue. The teams that want to support the sport will be able to and the ones that don’t can play in the baseball equivalent of FCS.


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