Scholarship for

Randy Ramsey, he signed the papers July 22.
Ramsey is the 23rd Initial Counter for the class of 2016.

Per Bob Holt. … -20160808/

Are we sure he’s an initial counter again? He was on scholarship, lost it, but never transferred anywhere else. I thought there had to be a transfer involved.

After reviewing the NCAA rulebook, I’m about 100% certain that he is not an initial counter: Initial Counter. [FBS/FCS] An “initial counter” is a counter who is receiving countable financial
aid in a sport for the first time.

Randy Ramsey has already received countable financial aid at Arkansas. Therefore under this definition (which is the only one that counts) he is not an initial counter. Goes against the 85 limit, of course, but not the 25 ICs.

Yes, when he return to the Razorbacks, he became a recruited walkon with less than two years on campus, He will be on campus two years in Jan. 2017.

I emailed Jon Fagg with this question. We’ll see if he replies.

I’m fairly sure Arkansas Compliance is counting Jake Raulerson as an Initial Counter since he was recruited.

If this is so, Arkansas has 24 Initial Counters for 2016.

Yeah, Raulerson is unquestionably an initial counter. I just don’t think Ramsey is an IC twice at the same school.

Nope, 23. Jon Fagg answered my question. My interpretation of the rule is correct. Because Ramsey has already been on scholarship at UA once, he would not be an initial counter again.