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“Arkansas baseball is everything we want to make Texas A&M baseball," A&M head coach Jim Schlossnagle said. “From the level of play to the ballpark atmosphere to the facility itself, so I’m hoping some people attached to our program learn that and we can get that going at A&M.”

I guess I was supposed to link this rather than copy and paste. But I will cite it from TexAgs website


Pretty darned good testimonial.

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You quoted it and gave attribution. That’s good enough for me.


Schlossnagle likes Arkansas’ program. He has said it many times over the several years, going back to his time at TCU.

In 2019 when TCU played in the regional here, he and his AD toured the facilities and took photos for ideas on how to improve their ballpark. He brought one of Texas A&M’s ADs with him this week to get ideas on the upcoming renovation to the Aggies’ ballpark.

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I like him… He’s a great coach and he’s going to be a handful to deal with for quite some time because he will get what he wants with the money they got over in Aggieland

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