schiano is available

hes clearly interested in the sec and being a HC
he is defensive genius

Don wells will be thrilled.



No one is going to hire the guy as a head coach until the stink from the Sandusky case is removed by either proof(not that likely), or maybe the passage of time. You don’t want to hire a guy who has to answer questions about not reporting a sexual predator at the first news conference.

Hearing reports that the Tennessee outcry against schiano has led to a small student uprising in Columbus about why meyer hired him in the first place - and that this whole episode could lead to distractions within the OSU program as they attempt to win out and get to the final four.

Gotta love a country where you can’t be a head coach because somebody said that you might’ve known about a child being abused but you can be a known pedophile and be a candidate for US Senate.

Ain’t That America

:lol: POY

Not only has Schiano denied what was detailed in the Mike McQueary testimony, but so has Tom Bradley, who McQueary claims relayed the information Schiano story to him. Neither have denied it under oath, but I don’t think either have been asked about it under oath.

Dan Wetzel has a really good column about the whole ordeal on Yahoo’s website. That a group of fans can block a hire based on something unsubstantiated is troubling.

I think the whole thing was just a rallying cry by the EOEK crowd that thought that they have too good a program to hire a re-tread who is only a coordinator now. The people over there who really think he might have culpability in the Sandusky mess, or was at least too close to it to be worth the bother of hiring, are probably in the distinct minority.

On the other hand, the hue and cry makes Schiano a bit radioactive for any other program to take a risk on at this point. What school is going to want to spend time defending the hire, when some other guy comes without the perceived baggage? His resume just does not scream “hire me” to a good Power Five program, so why buy potential trouble? He will probably have to wait another year or two and go some place like Rutgers again.

Ok now that was funny!

I still think he is a good coach and a good fit.

As far as the Penn State stuff if was investigated for ever and it is mostly here say about him and only by the guy suing

If he was involved then how did Ohio hire him and nothing was said? That leads me to believe its a witch hunt at Tenn because they were BUTT HURT about Gruden

Don, I’m not sure you can say “Butt Hurt” (with a straight face) in the same post as the Penn st scandal…

If his name had been Chip Kelly or Jon Gruden the all that would have been “fictitious and unsubstantiated” and “surely OSU did the proper due diligence when they hired him so obviously nothing is there”.

That’s a good point and Wetzel’s column…but what if he was hired and Tennessee starts out 2-0 and CNN decides to do the story? With the frenzy of accusations going around lately, does Ohio St. keep him?

He should clear his name by coming out and telling his side of the story. But the Bucs story on him is pretty bad too!
Nothing suprises me about the way the media works. This deal here may coast Tennessee AD Currie his job.

Good point

Living in the middle of Vol country I’ve learned a lot about the mindset of their fans. And by watching the news and social media yesterday I’m certain I can say with total confidence that the Penn State issue was only a smoke screen to put pressure on Currie to back off Schiano. The folks here in TN have high expectations of a big name coach being hired. And top of that list is Gruden. Most knew that Gruden was a pipe dream but many did not. Schiano was viewed as below their standards hire. Bottom line (IMO) is that they played dirty to get their way. And it worked.

I’ve lived here 20 years and for the most part the folks in Orange are good folks but yesterday they went crazy. I was shocked at the quick and sudden outpouring of anger at the AD and Schiano. It’s so bad that I’m not sure Currie will survive. They forced out the last AD for hiring Kiffin and Dooley (which I agreed with). Things are simmering in TN. It makes our situation look really, really good, I’m not sure if any big names would even consider coming here after that eruption. Things could get even more crazy. Rocky Top you’ll always be crazy, crazy to me…