Scheduling question

About SEC games, specifically Auburn. Seems like most years we play teams about the same time every year, but Auburn has been an exception. When they play in RRS its late October usually, but sometimes, like this year, we play at Jordan Hare in September. Once it was even the season opener. Is Auburn asking the SEC office to schedule us earlier than we schedule them? Or was it because we already had a nonconference contract with Tulsa for this October? Or did we sign Tulsa for October because we knew we’d be at Auburn earlier?

Just trying to figure this out…

We open SEC play with OM next year, I really don’t think there is any set schedule for every team, although certain series between schools do remain close to the same timeframe.

Teams can request when to play or not play a conference game to fit around previously agreed upon non-conference games, to fit a neutral-site contract like the Southwest Classic in Arlington or the Cocktail Party in Jacksonville, or to fit a traditional rivalry date. The conference office’s task is to fit a schedule around roughly 70 dates and preferences.

The Tulsa game was scheduled for 2018 before the conference schedule was released.

Is there anything that can be done about only having two conference games in DWRRS in odd years then four in even years?

Can we trade another game and make it three and three? Having the Missouri game in LR and being the host team in Arlington is unfortunate madness! Can it be fixed?

Is there a general SEC rescheduling planned for the near future? Is a nine game conference schedule coming? Will that fix the LR/Arlington problem?

I know it is too late to fix 2019 but 2021 is just around the corner.

Good question Swine. I’ve often wondered about this as well. My wife’s family are AU fans and we go there and they come to Fayetteville. We’ve often discussed it. As you indicated, the disparity always comes from the AU end. That late August game there a few years ago almost killed us…

Only way we’re going to fix that is to get out of the Ags at Jerry World*. And that isn’t happening until 2024 at the soonest.

  • Or get out of WMS, but don’t hold your breath on that one.

As far as I can tell there is no way to “trade” with either Texas A&M or Missouri and make it ideal for the other side. It would make Missouri have three home SEC games one year and five another, and would make it to where A&M had only three on-campus SEC games two seasons in a row. They already are unhappy having that happen every other year.

The two SEC home game issue is one Arkansas created and could put to an end if it wanted to end it.

Yep. We did this to ourselves.

Then if we must play in LR it should be OM or LSU and not Missouri.


I think it should be a non-conference game.

Non-conference if any.


I guess the logic is that they are even-year teams at home.