Scheduling question

Since we play both UALR and UAPB at BWS next month, are there plans for return games at LR and PB next season, or just a fall scrimmage in Pine Bluff like we played at Little Rock last October?

I have no idea, but I’d hate to think we’d waste our drawing power by playing at UALR. Of course, there’s no way UALR has a park big enough to hold hog fans. They still play at what is essentially an American Legion field. I suppose they could play at Dickey-Stephens, but we always play one game there now. (The game for this year is already sold out except for berm seats.)

I’m still not a fan of playing in-state competition even though I can live with it in baseball & softball & limit it to schools within the UA system. But even so, I hope we keep this on the level it should be: those schools come to us, not vice versa. (I don’t count that fall scrimmage against that concept.)

I generally agree with your position. Having said that, there IS a scenario where I’m glad we now CAN play in-state schools…

We lost our March 5th game this season against Charlotte due to weather. What if DVH really, really wanted to make that game up so he could get more live-action work for his seldom-used players? An in-state school could bus up to Fayetteville one morning, play a game, stop off at the Catfish Hole for dinner, bus back to central AR, and be in classes the following day. That’d certainly be a long day day for the travelling squad, but much easier to pull off late in a season than trying to find an out-of-state school to do the same.

We already have both UALR and UAPB coming to BWS for single midweek games in April, two weeks apart. It would be easy to turn one of those into a two-game midweek series and make up a rainout.

I don’t know when Arkansas will play UALR or UAPB again, but I suspect it will become an annual deal. Dave Van Horn has told me he wants to return the games. Against UALR, he wants to return the game on campus, and not make UALR the opponent at Dickey-Stephens Park. He wants to play a true road game.

Gary Hogan Field isn’t actually on UALR’s campus either. It’s close, two or three blocks away, but not on campus. Kinda like South Carolina’s football stadium which is about a half mile away from the campus. But I see his point.

I don’t think any game in Little Rock would really be a road game either (from a crowd standpoint)

You’re correct, but there are a couple of advantages to playing on campus. From an RPI standpoint, a game at UALR helps a little more than one at Dickey-Stephens. It probably helps the UALR program a little bit, too. UALR is coached by Chris Curry, who was a former assistant at Arkansas, and I get the sense that Van Horn will do whatever he can to help his old assistants.