Scheduling Cupcakes

I say if we ever want to be recognized with the ‘big boys’ then we need to play tougher non-conference games!!

Perhaps it would help if Michigan didn’t back out of a home and home.

This isn’t the replacement game for Michigan, we’d be playing these home games anyway, Michigan was an away game in 2018. Also, go check our SEC brethren for their non-conference schedules, looks about the same.

We play in the SEC. Our schedule is so rough year in and year out, that cupcakes dont matter. Fan interest, sure. That;s important.

SEC teams shouldn’t be playing teams from the FCS.

Why? Two years ago The Citadel beat South Carolina.

Where would FAMU’s Women’s Bowling and Volleyball be without football games against Power 5 foes?

This argument irks me to no end. The SEC plays plenty of difficult games. FAMU, Jacksonville State, UCA etc etc depend on these games for their athletic budget.

I’m ok with saying no FCS schools but as 2009 says these schools depend on the games.

also until we can make it even then i’m against it.

You look at MSU and what they sch compared to ole miss. Big difference.

Vandy, Missouri all sch low end schools.

Yes, South Carolina lost, but 95 percent of these games are not competitive. Arkansas has won its last three FCS games 73-7, 63-28 and 52-10. It will crush Florida A&M by a similar margin in August.

I understand why the games are scheduled. The FCS teams need the money and the SEC teams need the extra win to help their bowl status. Three SEC teams wouldn’t have made a bowl game last year without their win over an FCS team, and that includes Mississippi State at 5-7. The SEC stands to lose millions in potential bowl revenue without this guaranteed win on the schedule.

And with a limited number of games, I think the quality of opponent is more important to football players and fans than other sports. When the season-ticket holders are being asked for so much money, I think they shouldn’t have to pay for these kind of games. I would assume the majority of season-ticket holders would agree that they would rather their dollar pay for a more competitive game against a team from the C-USA or the MAC, or even the Sun Belt. The SEC is almost just as likely to win one of those comfortably, but should get better competition.

These games against FCS teams do very little to benefit an SEC team from a competition standpoint, other than maybe provide a fourth quarter off for the starters and some game action for players who otherwise wouldn’t see much or any. But even last year against Alcorn State, Arkansas had most of its starters, including the QB, in the game well into the fourth quarter.

I agree with you that fans would prefer not playing a FCS opponent, but with waiting lists to fill skyboxes in a stadium expansion, what is the incentive for Jeff Long to change? Wasting a home game v a FCS opponent? Why then use a home game in Dallas every other year that has yet to pay dividends in recruiting and has also yet to produce a W since CBB started coaching?

You mentioned the MAC. Didn’t UA lose a home game to a MAC school recently?

And the 4th quarter of the Alcorn game isn’t a FCS problem, that’s a CBB tendency that’s worth criticism IMO.

UA gets plenty of competition in the SEC and I like the push to add a Power 5 nonconference opponents. Playing a FCS school isn’t a problem IMVHO

The SEC teams and FCS teams are more than happy with their agreement. There is no incentive to change when hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions of dollars are at stake.

Well then. My diatribe is all rendered moot!

So do you think we who live far away, but remain season ticket holders, intend to come see the cupcake games?

I won’t travel to NWA or LR for such games; therefore, you and the motels lose my money (2 nites at motel, dining, gas, etc.). I’ll bet our alumni in Birmingham won’t come either. Will Arkansas fans in the lower part of the state travel up for cupcake games? Will the stands be filled, or does that matter in the quest for that one or two extra wins to go bowling?

It’d be better to see three Group-of-5 opponents and one Power 5 foe every year, but as Matt has pointed out, FCS teams will remain a part of the schedules as long as SEC schools are allowed to schedule them.

Sure, I’ll be there. I’m there to watch the Razorbacks. Now, my drive is only 4 1/2 hours, but I typically fly up to the games, anyway. I don’t blame someone from 8 hrs away for not going to a FCS game, but I don’t blame the schools for scheduling them.

The “Big Boys” don’t usually schedule too many other “Big Boys,” and in this particular case, Michigan pulled out on us. It wasn’t our fault. No one at Arkansas can be blamed for Michigan pulling out.

I think we would prefer to have one Power 5 NC opponent per year. This year, TCU. Next two years would have been Michigan until they bailed. Maybe as Matt said we can buy out somebody on someone else’s schedule to create an opening for a Power 5 game, either a home and home or neutral site. If not, we’re stuck with playing whoever we can get on short notice, which may be a Sun Belt team or FCS.

I think one Power 5 non-conference foe is about right for SEC teams. I understand that finding a replacement from the Power 5 for the two Michigan games is going to be extra difficult. And, it may not even be possible. That’s fine in this instance. Blame it on Michigan, rightfully so.

So, Tom Murphy says it’s a marquee home and home, and Clay’a article seem to lean to a G5 home and home? I guess we’ll know in the next news cycle, huh??

I wonder if it will be a team like Houston. Its status the past few years would make it a marquee game, but it doesn’t fit into the Power 5 classification. There are a handful of Group of 5 teams that have a profile big enough to get a home-and-home with an SEC team, with Houston probably being the highest.