I have not seen our schedule yet. Are we waiting on sec to do something? Trying to get opponents for non conference? Conference schedule, sec will probably Pit us 4 times w Kentucky all on the road, same w Florida and Tennessee.

It may be a while before you do. Everyone’s nonconference schedule was completely torn up. No Vegas. Starting two weeks later. Regional scheduling emphasized because of the pandemic. SEC is still 18 games, for now, so shouldn’t require much tweaking. We’ll still play Misery, A&M and LSU twice for instance.

From what I’ve been told, the issue scheduling nonconference teams right now is budgetary. In many cases teams are being offered half or less of what they are normally guaranteed to make a trip because the home team won’t make nearly as much in ticket sales.

I think Arkansas’ schedule is nearly complete. There will only be nine nonconference games this year.

The games against UCA and Oklahoma State have been finalized, and to my knowledge the on-campus nonconference dates that had previously been set for after Nov. 25 (against UT-Arlington, Northern Illinois, Abilene Christian and Lipscomb) are still intact. The Razorbacks also owe Tulsa a return trip this year unless that contract has been amended.

I don’t think Arkansas is going to play the ODU game in North Little Rock this year. The Oklahoma game in Tulsa is also off.

Thx Matt

How much will UCA make for their trip to UA?

I don’t know. I can try to find out but sometimes those figures are withheld due to exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act.

An educated guess: Around $20,000-$40,000.

Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but as a season ticket holder I opted in and will likely get to go to 8 home games. While the schedule has not been released, they are confident there will be 9 conference games and 7 non-conference games at BW arena this season.

I saw a tweet from someone yesterday that said trying to fill out this year’s nonconference schedule in college basketball is like trying to hit a bullseye 100 yards away with a slingshot while riding a rollercoaster.

So it CAN be done!..

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I got dizzy

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