Schedule - uh Oh

Today for the first real time I looked at dates and all of that. A problem is on the surface. I will overcome, but it is going to take some planning.

Of course by far, the most important game of the season is on Sep. 8 in Ft. Collins. I just noticed that date today. As I am certain you all know and care, that is the opening day of Muzzleloader Elk season. Tag application deadline was 4/3. I have a preference point and applied. I should draw unit 16 this fall. Second choice is archery and another Preference point.

Unit 16 is the W. side of Jackson County which is about 2 hrs W. of Collins on Hwy 14 through Poudre Caynon.

There will be friends and family on hand for the game. There will be longtime hunting buddies in the mountains needing and using my horses. I know Clay will be up as well and hope to catch a fish with him. Talked with Matt about the game just last week while in Fayetteville. All of this is just complications, but I will make it all happen. Looking forward to all of it and will be at CSU and next to the stadium tomorrow (the stadium looks nice from the outside).

As I said, this is the biggest game of the year and the biggest weekend of the year!

One of our Graduate Students grew up in Fayetteville and got her BS at Uof A. She has a little Hog over her desk. She told me Monday that she is so looking forward tosharing the Hogs with her friends in CO. She says they do not understand and that I am the only one that does. Yes, this is very important.

I get it Jim. We’ve lived in Vol country for 20 years. Bragging rights with friends here is a big deal. Historically we’ve not had a lot to brag about but we whipped them the last time in FB.

Enjoy the game and the hunt.