Schedule Strength

After our win Monday eve, Nolan’s site had the Hogs at #72 in schedule strength…a significant increase over the prior week. But…

Three days and probably some vittles later, our Hogs are now at #68. Perhaps we shouldn’t play this weekend…and we’d move up some more :grinning:

6-0…very.pleased with the intensity and effort thus far

wps…Happy Thanksgiving

SOS will climb when conference play starts the record will also need to climb.

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Offense needs to climb and we will be ok

The offense won’t always be clicking. But you a team plays hard nosed defense every night you can at least be in those games.

Like I said, improve the offense and we will be fine.

Pomeroy has our SOS as #260 but that’s based on their metrics, not their record. He also has us #23 with the #7 defense. Auburn, Kentucky and Tennessee are all ranked above us. Our offense is #52 which isn’t horrible given our lack of three-point shooting for most of the year.