Schedule finalized

Arkansas will play UALR and UAPB for the first time: … ualr-uapb/

This is a gutsy move by Yurachek. He will undoubtedly be criticized by some. By limiting in-state play to teams in the UA system, he may not be criticized as much, though it gives a slight glimmer of hope to the folks at that school in northeast Arkansas.

Did the ice just crack a little bit?

I always had a suspicion that baseball would be the sport to break the ban. It is probably the most difficult to schedule because of the number of dates, including midweek games, and Dave Van Horn has all-but said he does not like the in-state ban. He wants to play UALR and UAPB. I bet he would like to play UCA and A-State, too. Those games make midweek scheduling much, much easier.

What has heightened baseball interest in Arkansas is success of Razorback baseball. What heightens interest in football & basketball in Arkansas is success of Razorback football & basketball. It isn’t the prospect of the Razorbacks playing someone else in the state. I’m afraid this is opening a door we don’t want to open.

Texas A&M figured out they’re better off without Texas on their schedule—and Texas is a state that withstand many divisions within its fans & among its recruits. The one thing the Razorbacks have enjoyed that’s unique to them is monopolistic statewide support. I hate the prospect of letting go of one of the few advantages we enjoy over other SEC schools. Even if we will always enjoy the most support, I don’t know that we can enjoy the monopoly we now enjoy once we begin regularly scheduling in-state competition.

I think it’s a mistake. I think Barnhill, Broyles, & Long were right—and they were people who knew something about college athletics. (Broyles learned the principle from Bobby Dodd. I’ve heard coaches of other major schools say our one-school situation was good for us.) Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s something we’ll be able to undo once we do it. “Sports fans” might love it. Razorback fans will rue the day.

I think it’s about letting Dave Van Horn pick a schedule he wanted. No more, no less. I think Matt hit it on the head.

Bet you recall a Swatters Club meeting during Van Horn’s first or second year where he said he would like to have the option to schedule make up games with in state teams late in the season.
He noted that if we had a rain out it was likely one or more of the in state teams would have the same thing. It would leave both teams with an opening for a late season make up game(s)

Texas A&M has played Texas every year in baseball since they came to the SEC.

They refuse to play them in football. Doesn’t surprise me they’re playing them in baseball. However the situation in Texas is totally different from ours in Ark. Point is that TAMU decided to drop UT from the schedule in the one sport that matters most in Texas.