Schedule changes this week

The SEC has moved 3 games to Thursday this week, including Alabama at A&M.

So, the Aggies will have a short turnaround before playing the Hogs.

they just moved games from Wednesday to Thursday. They need to start playing makeup games.

The SoCar-Tennessee game wasn’t moved from tonight because of the weather, it was moved because of COVID issues with the EOE team. I guess they get some people off quarantine tomorrow morning.

What’s your thought on when the SEC will start making a stab and playing games that have been postponed.

I would have thought they would start makeup games already but this weather has thrown a wrench in that.

You are probably right. They need to get hit with the makeup games! We might see them do that next week. I hope so.

They may not make them all up. I have been thinking they may run out of time.

I just hope the LSU Florida game happens. It may. It matter if the hogs play A&M at home or not but it would be nice to see the hogs play the full 18 game conference schedule.

LSU already beat Ole Miss in Oxford. Why isn’t the game Thursday v Ole Miss in Baton Rouge. An Ole Miss win at home gets them in Last Four In. If that was Hogs, they would send us to Bama and LSU again.
Also Florida needs to make up the Tennessee and LSU games. If not Hogs should also take covid break. Not fair that Hogs went to Bama, LSU, Tennessee, Mizzou, Auburn and Kentucky taking 4 losses. Other SEC teams have conveniently missed marquee matchups.
I guess as long as we seeded 1-4 in sec tourney and 5 in ncaa’s so we take on #1 seed in sweet 16 not named Gonzaga. Baylor doesnt borrow me since they have missed all their Big 12 showdowns due to covid.

It may be to even out home games for each one or these teams. Texas A&M can’t make up all of their games.

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