Schedule change

Anyone been hearing that SEC is looking into possibly changing the football schedule and doing away with divisions? A&M will be playing there 63 conference game today and there first against Georgia! They will not play them again until 2024.

The SEC leadership has remained pretty adamant that it does not want to do away with divisions. I think the league is leery of changing something it pioneered.

There is some thought that a “pod” system would work better and allow annual rivalry games to remain intact. Here is a good article I read a few months back about the idea.


And aTm should be thanking the schedulers for that.

I think this is what I was talking about except this keeps the divisions intact. Any chance of this happening in the near future? As a fan It would be nice to not play practically the same teams every year!

I actually like that proposal a lot
You play every team in two years

Yes, bring on a more overall balanced conference schedule!

Go Hogs!

You would suggest we could have a year where we don’t get fed to Bama and Auburn.

The sooner the better.