Scenarios w 4 games left

Now that we have so few games left it seems easier to project the likely outcomes regarding NCAAT seeding. For simplicity I’m disregard SECT for the moment and assume we play to our seeding there

Win all 4–this would include a road win at FL who I think is the best team in the SEC (which would be our best win of the year by a large margin)–don’t see this happening but if it does I think we end up a 7 (or maybe even a 6 depending on how other teams do down the stretch).

Go 3-1–This would be “par” based on whether we will be favored in each game. Probably ends us up in the 8-9 game

Go 2-2: This would include losing 1 game where we are favored–I think this has us right on the edge of the bubble–given how soft the bubble is I would think this puts on in still but maybe in one of the First 4 games and we would be sweating on Sunday.

1-3 or 0-4: NIT bound

I think you’re probably real close. The SECT will factor as well.

Lunardi has said, can’t lose to lower seed is SECT. I think if we did then:

2-2 down stretch and we are out
3-1 would be close depending on how TN and others OOC did.
4-0 we’d probably be ok.

I think how we do in SECT factors more than down the stretch.

Obviously we win the SECT and nothing matters. Get to the final game, and the only thing that probably matters is going 1-3 or 0-4 down the stretch.

Just keep winning!

I’m not worried about a seed right now. My focus is on the game tonight. Our hogs have found themselves! Playing together they can hang with any team. I look for a win in each of these next 4 games.
But I do want a win in the SEC tournament.

If the Hogs play with energy on the defensive end, which was sorely lacking in the Mizzou and Vandy losses, and we go 3-1 down the stretch win at least one in the SECT and we are in. In fact if the defensive intensity remains high, and I am really liking the zone D, we continue to improve as a team and perform well for the rest of the year.

At this moment the only game I’m worried about is hogs beating A&M. They are hanging around.

A&M starting to loose their legs. All of these TV time outs! Giving them a break. Need a little run.