Scary Score Prediction thread: Alabama at Arkansas

Arkansas will play hard and may even have a few positive moments in the first half, especially on defense. But Alabama will wear us down.

48-13, Alabama, but not really that close.

21-20 Arkansas.

I hope GeneralHog prediction comes true :smiley:

I think we will finally solve the special team problems and not allow any touchdown returns and defense will play well, 28-7 Bama.

Its hard to believe we score at all on them.

Auburn only allowed 3 points and Ala is better than them

So having said that 56-0 by my head

but my heart says 28-17 good guys!!!

Bama has a superb passing game…our defensive strength is against the run. I am surprised there is a line on this one. Coach Saban has pretty much been classy about running up the score.

Home of the mullet and Southern Rock…
Neckabama 56
Arkansas 10

The Tide rolls in, 37-7.



Bama can name the score. That being said our defense comes down to earth this week. Bama can score at will against us. Offense this week, not optimistic at all.

Bama. 58
Hawgs. 9

If Arkansas scores a touchdown against the first-team Alabama defense, I’ll be surprised. Perhaps it can get one against the backups. It looks like a real mismatch on that front.

I think it will be an ugly final score and game, similar to last year. Alabama is so good in all three phases this year and seems to expose a team’s every weakness. I’m interested to see whether Arkansas gives up another special teams touchdown. Josh Jacobs is averaging 60 yards on three kickoff returns and had a 77-yard touchdown return against Louisville, and Jaylen Waddle had a punt return touchdown last week against Louisiana-Lafayette.

Bummer 49

           Hogs         3

44-6, Them.

34 - 17 Ala

To keep them in the low to mid 30’s will be a monumental defensive feat.

Improvement trend will continue and be visible.

The worst 19 game stretch (5-14) in Razorback history comes to a merciful end with the Alabama loss…

We play well enough to make every game after Saturday a possible win and I will be content for Now ! Hogs 17 Tide 35. WPS

I think Arkansas is improving, but that doesn’t matter this week. This Alabama team will name the score against almost everybody they play.

Hopefully no injuries and a chance to win first SEC game against Ole Miss.

First Half

Alabama 42-0

Second Half

Alabama 17-7

Alabama 48
Arkansas 6

I’m with the General, I think its an upset of epic proportions! 3-4 turnovers by Bama result in points, Hogs win with FG as time expires 23-21

I have to ask - do you REALLY think this or are you subsituiting the word hope for the word think in this prediction?!?

Whatever Alabama wants to score to no points for the Hogs. If we do score it will be late in the game against Bama’s scrubs. The projected rain might keep Bama’s score down.


I’m with the General, I think its an upset of epic proportions! 3-4 turnovers by Bama result in points, Hogs win with FG as time expires 23-21

[/quote]Might be the score against Bama’s third team.

I never predict the Hogs to lose. It’s time for one of the elite teams to get an upset. Hogs shock CFB and get rolling.

Hogs 27
Gumps 21

A big defensive stop in the closing minute allows the Hogs to go into the Victory Formation to close the game.