Scanned v. Actual Attendance (WSJ piece)

UA and (especially) ASU get not so flattering mentions here.

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ASU’s continued pillaging of student fees and academic money appear to be even more unjustified than one might have previously thought.

Wish I could read it but WSJ is firmly tucked behind a paywall.

I just heard on XM that our scanned attendance was 58% of paid attendance, the last 2 games coupled with Florida A&M probably contributed to the vast difference.

All but the happiest of rainbow warriors had abandoned the USS Bert by November. In this day and age a bad product results in empty seats and lots of them. Too many other options for the entertainment dollar to be spent.

Summary: there’s a lot of fudging going on.

Arkansas’ scanned ticket attendance (butts in the seats) was 58% of the number announced in Sunday’s paper.

ASU was worse: scanned attendance was only 38.2% of actual attendance. Anyone who happened to catch a few minutes of their home games on tv would tell you that the stadium is empty, but that’s a pretty stark difference.