Hearing it is indeed going to be Kevin Scanlon as the new AD. Perfect fit for what this athletic department needs.

I’m skeptical of any rumor about either the coach or AD, especially since we’ve just learned of the formation of a search committee for AD. However, he’d be a great choice. I’d be very happy if you’re right.

NEA, I hope you and yours are well and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Scanlon seems like a reasonable choice to me. He does bleed Razorback red and he’s smart.

And he knows what it feels like to get beat by Natl. Champion Bama in Sugar Bowl. He will have a calm, level passion.

Call those damn Hogs!

Not so fast my friend

doesn’t seem that far back when Holtz brought him from n.c. state to help lead the Hogs offense. I always thought he was somewhat pedestrian as a QB, but would love to see him in the AD chair.

Last year a friend of mine in LIttle Rock had purchased an old trunk from somewhere. Got it home was going thru it, low & behold was scrapbooks & hand written playbooks of Scanlon’s playing days at AR plus a few other small personal items & some pics of him & players & Coach Holt’s, etc. My friend being somewhat younger than I asked if I remembered Kevin Scanlon as QB at AR. Duh, of course.
I said hang on to that, & shortly after made a trip to L R to visit & see these things, main reason was to check out the Holtz playbook. I really wanted to keep that really bad but since this was some personal, sentimental items I had no choice but recommend he contact Kevin to tell what he had & ask if would like these items back. He says Kevin sounded surprised & was very gracious to have a look & stated he thought those items were long gone for years. My friend says when he took the items to Kevin’s office, he was very cordial & thankful & just really pleasant to chat with about playing at AR & living here as well.
Now I admit I was a little PO’d that I wasn’t informed of the time & place of this meeting, as I would have made that trip and had much more interest in picking Kevin’s brain about those days & Coach Holtz & so on. Oh well.
I’m sure Kevin Scanlon would be a very appropriate AD at the UofA.

Rumor is the better half put the kibosh on moving to Fayetteville, so a no go.

Wow, I could understand maybe if moving 3 states over but just a couple hundred miles in same state, to actually a more pleasant & scenic part of the state.

It’s pretty nice where they live, it isn’t 9th and Park. …

Obviously not seen as the chance of a lifetime then as I’m sure they could live pretty nice in NWA as well.

I think Alotian is better than the Blessings, but I haven’t played Alotian. Kevin may take the job, and I hope he does, but I suspect he’s stayed in the LR area for the past 30 years for a reason.

I’ve played them both and Alotian is far better, not even close.

Rumor is now Tub. He and Malzahn. from the supposedly in-the-know Porkatarian on Hogville. We shall see.

I would be fine with TT. OH sure liked the guy. That’s good enough for me. He believes in (in his own words) 1. Defense 2. A strong running game 3. Either a strong passing game OR a running QB. I like that philosophy. I also like his statement that all assistants have to be great recruiters.

Some still seem to want Leach. If TT becomes AD there is no way Leach is ever hired here.

That’s good, I don’t see Leach as the answer either. Tub should know what we need in a Coach in this league, if he is the new AD let’s hope he has major input on the next HC hire.