SC is mauling Marquette

It looks like they made the most of their 7 days of rest. They looked like the SC of a few weeks ago, Won by 20 over Marquette. That makes the SEC teams 4-1.

They are also mauling one of the longest droughts a respectable D-1 program has ever had. First NCAA tourney win since 1973. And we thought the last 20 years have been bad for us!

SEC 4-1 looks good. Only if Vandy had not committed that stupid foul, we would be 5-0.

If UF and UK keep up their ends of the bargain, the SEC will at the minimum play to their seeding. Vandy should have gotten a +1 for the SEC. It was a good first-round showing for the SEC that strongly refuted that SEC basketball is inferior to other power conferences. Arkansas and USC, who tied for third in the SEC, took out two teams that tied for third in the Big East, and the Big East got the second most bids in the tournament.

South Carolina flipped a switch and went wild scoring. Great win for them and the SEC!