SC has only seen Campbell once

and that was back in April if he can come and get out of the first looking sharp I think he can give them problems has the best changeup on the staff IMO and a very sharp CB,very capable of giving 4-5 good innings.hopefully these umps realize this is College Baseball! and give them the corners

I wish I had more confidence in him than I do. I know he’s been great, but there won’t be much room for error tomorrow. If he pitches well, I like our chances. I just hope their pitchers start losing their pitches.

Damn, I wish we could have closed this thing out today. Seen too many teams get beat twice in a row after winning the first one. Sure happened last weekend to some good teams.

They will be throwing a guy who has a losing record and their closer threw a bunch of pitches today I think we come out smoking the ball tomorrow night

Man I hope your right.

ALSO why is everybody being kind of nice about this? IMO we got ripped off, screw$$ to put it mildly.

Doesn’t matter whether we got screwed or not. The ump didn’t groove two pitches that cost us five runs. We lost. We can’t lose today.